“YouTube Has Become A Chief Destroyer Of Traditional Music”-Rabindra Narayan, MD & President Of PTC Network

By Ojasvi Kapoor
January 24, 2024
“YouTube Has Become A Chief Destroyer Of Traditional Music”-Rabindra Narayan, MD & President Of PTC Network

In recent years, the landscape of music marketing has undergone a profound transformation, largely influenced by the rise of streaming platforms. According to Rabindra Narayan, MD & President of PTC Network, this shift has significantly impacted the traditional avenues of music promotion, leading to a paradigm change in how artists navigate the music industry.

The Changing Face of Music Marketing:

Narayan observes that the advent of streaming platforms has made it increasingly challenging for artists to distinguish themselves in a crowded digital space. Gone are the days when TV channels and FM radio were the primary means of reaching audiences. In the past, artists relied on these channels to find airspace and get their music marketed. However, with the proliferation of streaming services, the dynamics have shifted dramatically.

The Individualization of Promotions:

One of the notable shifts highlighted by Narayan is the transition from consolidated marketing efforts by music labels to individual-driven promotions. Artists, regardless of their scale, are now mostly on their own when it comes to promoting their work. This individualization has both empowered and challenged musicians, requiring them to take on the roles of creators, marketers, and promoters.

Global Promotion Challenges:

Global promotion, once a rare endeavor, has become a high-cost venture. Creating music videos at a global standard comes with a hefty price tag, and artists are now tasked with shouldering the financial burden themselves. In the past, talented individuals could rely on music labels to fund not only the creation of music and videos but also the promotional activities. However, in the current landscape, artists must navigate the complexities of global promotion independently.

YouTube as the Disruptor:

Narayan points out that YouTube has emerged as the chief disruptor, reshaping the traditional music channels and FM radio. Unlike other distribution platforms, YouTube operates on a unique model where views serve as the new currency. The platform's influence is such that an artist's visibility and recognition hinge on the number of views their content receives.

The Role of YouTube in Music Stardom:

In this evolving paradigm, YouTube becomes the judge and jury of an artist's success. Narayan notes that artists must pay their way to stardom on the platform, investing in promotions to garner views. The traditional markers of success, such as advertisements boasting millions of views or World Television Premieres, are now synonymous with an artist's standing on YouTube.

The Future Landscape:

As artists adapt to this new reality, Narayan predicts the emergence of new alliances among artists and a consolidation of music platforms. Until then, the journey to stardom seems intertwined with navigating the challenges posed by the digital giant, YouTube.

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