This App Is Reviving Indian Independent Music Through Artist-funding

This App Is Reviving Indian Independent Music Through Artist-funding
In an attempt to reignite Indian independent music, Aum-i-Art foundation, a not-for-profit music trust, founded by Bengaluru-based musician Suraj Mani, has created an application called The Great Indian Independent Recordings (TGIIR). Launched in April 2018, the app aims to create a common platform for independent artists and inspire new-age musicians and music lovers to work collaboratively for the welfare of independent music.
Mani who was earlier a part of Motherjane and is currently with 'Suraj Mani and the Tattva Trip' and Music Mojo, said “Film music is hugely understood as India’s mainstream music and a lot of people do not recognize Indian indie music. There are a growing number of talented indie artists who have and are creating waves. Providing a space for them to put their work out was the main motive.”
His love for indie artists and the lack of platforms providing a single place to listen to all of them together gave birth to the idea behind TGIIR.

How Does It Work?

The app works on a subscription model. TGIIR invites like-minded music lovers to invest ?99/- a month to help fund multiple recordings of various Indie Stars. The money is channeled through Aum-i-Art Foundation and 1/3rd is used to pay a royalty to all enrolled artists featuring on the app. 1/3rd is used to meet the infrastructural and operational expenses of the trust and the remaining 1/3rd is used to pay artists to record new songs. The songs are recorded LIVE before the fans at various venues like OOHeaven which have been equipped with the requisite infrastructure. With the artists’ permission, one or more of their songs are recorded, mixed, mastered and marketed as LIVE Recordings, which are then featured on TGIIR. Hence, fans contribute towards rewarding and recording independent artists and they have a track record to show for it. The application has around 200 artists on board from across the country. Some of the bands that offer their music on the app include Mad Orange Fireworks, Smaked, Thaikuddam Bridge, Thakara.
James Thakara of Malayalam alternative rock band Thakara reportedly said, “The discovery of artists through an app is better as it has a shuffle function. This lets fans of indie music listen to different genres, versus hunting for a specific song or band on YouTube.”

Peculiar Features

A unique feature of the app from a business point of view is that it provides the artists an analytical view of the geographical areas of their followers. This will help artists plan small or large gigs depending upon areas having low/high concentration of followers. TGIIR also provides a sense of security to the artists as they can retain their copyright and are also allowed to withdraw their songs from the app at any point. They have created a community that offers a safe and transparent way of funding records and sharing revenue. The team behind the foundation has been working for the welfare of the artists since 2013. They have already funded over 300 independent bands with well over 1500 original songs & recordings. In 2016, the Foundation also built a performance venue OOHeaven where audiences can be invited to fund band recordings and artists who can shoot hi quality videos etc. The app is available for download on App Store and Google Play. (Image Credits: TGIIR Facebook Page)

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