Metastar And Sitar Virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee Harmonize To Unveil CLASSICOOL: A New Era In Metaverse Music

By Loudest Team
April 15, 2024
Metastar And Sitar Virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee Harmonize To Unveil CLASSICOOL: A New Era In Metaverse Music

Metastar Media, a Web3 music tech start-up built using blockchain technologies and token-based economics, was set up with the goal to create an artiste-first ecosystem that allows both independent artists and their communities to thrive.

A disruptive idea, Metastar Media’s Artisteverse seeks to readdress the imbalance in the music industry by leveraging cutting-edge immersive technologies and Web3 innovations to address the gaps of traditional entertainment platforms. Imagined as a ‘Direct to Fan’ platform to help artistes better engage and monetize their core fan base, Artisteverse provides artists a custom-designed platform that amalgamates audio streaming, e-commerce, fan engagement, and metaverse.

For fans, Artisteverse is the ultimate virtual playground that offers exclusive music and videos, signature merchandise and endorsed instruments, VIP passes to concerts, NFTs, exclusive chats with the artiste, masterclasses, metaverse experiences and more.

Early adopters of this idea and technology include multi-percussionist and music director Bickram Ghosh and singer and performer Manasi Scott, who launched their custom-designed virtual space and respectively last year.

The third musician to create a fully immersive and interactive 3D metaverse platform under Metastar’s Artisteverse is popular and multi-faceted sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee, whose platform launched on April 12.

“There is a fundamental shift happening in the music industry globally, from addressing a largely passive audience of followers on third-party platforms to directly engaging and interacting with a niche, loyal community of fans,” says Shatadru Sarkar, co-founder Metastar Media. “For artistes like Purbayan, who do not necessarily fit into the trending, pop music space but have a niche devoted following, this is a platform to build their brand to the right audience. And with revenue from music streaming becoming insignificant by the day, it is imperative for artistes to invest in alternative avenues to monetize their brand beyond the live music space,” he adds.

A versatile virtuoso known for his exceptional skills and innovative approach to music, Purbayan’s signature approach to music – effortlessly blending traditional Indian classical music with contemporary influences – and comfort with newly-emerging technology like his creation the electric see-tar – make him the ideal candidate for Artisteverse.

“I have been a tech geek since I can remember, and new, disruptive technology like Web3 intrigues me… it’s exciting as a musician to be able to tap the metaverse’s potential,” he says. “The Artisteverse for me is a place where my audience can live out my musical and artistic fantasies. I promise to make it a place where dreams and visions manifest,” he adds

The first sitar player to enter the metaverse, Purbayan’s personality and persona will be reflected in his virtual world,, which will serve as an innovative and interactive space for his followers and lovers of classical music to connect, and also be privy to exclusive previews of upcoming releases and exclusive access to concerts.

“My fans not only get an incredible immersive experience but there will also be some perks like exclusive access to music and concerts only available in my metaverse. Additionally, we have integrated my music academy PAAMF on the platform, allowing budding sitar-players and students across the globe to connect with us online, learn through our online modules and schedule one-on-one live video classes with my senior students and I,” he elaborates. 

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