Spotify Launches Video Learning Courses In Music, Creativity, And Business

By Loudest Team
March 26, 2024
Spotify Launches Video Learning Courses In Music, Creativity, And Business

Spotify, known for its prowess in music streaming, is breaking new ground by introducing video-based learning courses for its UK audience. Expanding its repertoire beyond music, podcasts, and audiobooks, Spotify's latest venture introduces a range of online courses covering diverse topics. Teaming up with industry giants such as BBC Maestro, Skillshare, Thinkific, and PlayVirtuoso, Spotify aims to provide users with a comprehensive learning experience directly within its mobile and desktop applications.

While the idea of online courses may seem unconventional for a music-centric platform, Spotify's Product Director, Mohit Jitani, sheds light on the growing trend of users seeking educational content on the platform. With podcasts already serving as educational resources, Spotify recognizes the opportunity to cater to this demand by offering a broader range of learning materials.

For course providers, the appeal lies in accessing a wider audience and tapping into Spotify's unique ability to target potential customers based on their listening habits. Jitani emphasizes the efficiency of distribution, making it easier to connect individuals with relevant courses. Spotify's curated courses span four categories: music creation, creativity, business skills, and wellness. These courses are easily accessible through a new icon on Spotify's mobile app home screen, as well as through search and browsing interfaces, seamlessly integrating into the existing user experience. Jitani explains that consolidating courses within the Spotify app streamlines accessibility and serves as a convenient reminder for users to engage with their learning journey.

The courses operate on a freemium model, allowing both free and premium subscribers to access a limited number of video lessons per course. Unlocking the entire course requires a fee. Each course consists of a series of videos, offering users the flexibility to listen with the screen off for an audio-only experience. Supplementary materials such as PDFs complement the video content, enhancing the overall learning experience. While Spotify earns a commission on course sales, specific details regarding the percentage remain undisclosed. In terms of moderation, courses must adhere to Spotify's platform policies, with mechanisms in place for users to report inappropriate content.

Spotify's foray into online learning underscores its commitment to providing diverse and engaging content beyond music. By leveraging its vast user base and personalized recommendations, Spotify aims to empower users on their educational journey while solidifying its position as a multifaceted entertainment platform.

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