Spotify Collaborates With Royal Enfield To Ignite India’s Youth With Music And Motorcycling

Spotify Collaborates With Royal Enfield To Ignite India’s Youth With Music And Motorcycling

Setting out on a motorcycle ride is already a thrilling experience, but when you add an exciting playlist that sets a perfect backdrop for your journey, it becomes an even better adventure. The fusion of music and motorcycling truly embodies a sense of freedom and exploration which is exactly what Spotify and Royal Enfield aim to power and enhance through an exciting year-long collaboration.

To celebrate World Music Day and World Motorcycling Day in a uniquely spectacular fashion, Spotify and Royal Enfield are excited to rekindle their partnership with eclectic musical waves that will set the wheels in motion. What began as a bold experiment last year, to transform the local cultural scene by bringing together passionate music enthusiasts and motorcycling aficionados has quickly become one of the most anticipated collaborations in the community.

This year, Spotify and Royal Enfield will elevate their partnership, focusing on supporting local artists and keeping India’s vibrant culture alive and thriving through Spotify’s RADAR, your go-to lineup for discovering fresh indie and pop talents and RAP 91, the heart of hip-hop across diverse languages and regions. Both these events will see Royal Enfield at the center with a dedicated zone providing a pure music and motorcycling experience.

"We’re beyond excited to partner with Royal Enfield once again," said Arjun Kolady, Head of Sales, Spotify India. "RADAR and RAP 91 are such important platforms for new artists, and with Royal Enfield on board, we’re bringing these experiences to life in ways we’ve never done before."

Mohit Dhar Jayal, Chief Brand Officer, Royal Enfield said "Our partnership with Spotify stems from our mutual passion for culture, creativity and riding. While the riding community and motorcycling culture is core to everything we do at Royal Enfield, Spotify has been championing vivid musical cultures, artists and communities. We see this partnership as a collaborative campaign to bring together music and motorcycling as a form of self-expression that weaves symbiotic, cultural narratives blending the best of both worlds and offering new experiences for consumers.”

Royal Enfield's involvement is about creating an interactive space where the energy of music seamlessly blends with the spirit of riding. Imagine experiencing the latest Royal Enfield motorcycle while vibing to live performances from the hottest indie and hip-hop artists – this is the vision that this collaboration is bringing to life.

Continuing their streak of musical adventure, Spotify and Royal Enfield are set to head to Goa from  November 22-24, 2024 for the 14th edition of Royal Enfield’s annual celebration of everything motorcycling, music, and community - Motoverse 2024. This unique gathering, presented by Royal Enfield, will host around 15000 passionate riders and motorcycle enthusiasts. Motoverse will feature an incredible lineup of RADAR artists, handpicked by Spotify, ready to set the stage ablaze. It’s a true celebration where music and motorcycles unite in a spectacular showcase of creativity and adventure.

To maximize the reach and impact of these events, Royal Enfield will also be leveraging Spotify’s premium media unlocks including The Stage and Dynamic Audio Ads.

The Stage is an innovative in-app product that allows Royal Enfield to deliver meaningful and personalized rich-media content directly to Spotify users. This platform offers a unique opportunity for Royal Enfield to engage with listeners in a more intimate and impactful way, making their brand story come alive through immersive media experiences.

Dynamic Audio Ads combine the power of audio with advanced targeting and personalization capabilities. By dynamically swapping elements of an audio ad based on the listener’s time of day, day of the week, location, weather, and listening habits, Royal Enfield can tailor custom ads that resonate with the user's current mood and moment. This innovative approach ensures that each interaction is relevant and engaging, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

Spotify and Royal Enfield’s partnership is about driving the growth of India’s indie, pop, and hip-hop scenes while embracing the adventurous spirit of young India. Get ready for an epic series of events, from RADAR in June and RAP 91, Motoverse extravaganza in November.

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