The brand-new Apple Music Replay might finally be an answer to Spotify Wrapped and Instafest

By Loudest Team
November 30, 2022
The brand-new Apple Music Replay might finally be an answer to Spotify Wrapped and Instafest

Apple Music Replay is Apple's answer to Spotify wrapped, a nifty round-up of your music listening habits throughout the year that you can share with your friends and use to reflect on your sonic journey in 2022. 

This year, Apple has overhauled Apple Music Replay with a brand-new interface and great new graphics that we absolutely love. 

Now, heading to in new tab) shows users an electric blue interface and an all-new dynamic interface that will show you everything you need to know about all of your listening habits in 2022. 

Apple Music Replay 2022

First, you'll see your highlight reel, which rattles off quick stats like your total minutes listened, your top song, artist, album, and genres. 

Once you're done with your highlight reel, you can scroll down to see more in depth analytics. It'll show you the number of songs you listened to (1,817 if you were wondering), your top five and top ten songs, the number of artists you've listened to (761 in my case), your top ten artists, the number of albums you played, and your favorite playlists and radio stations. 

Once you've completed your Replay round-up, you can open up and listen to a Replay 2022 playlist on all of your favorite Apple devices, which features your top 100 songs. This is also updated each week so evolves over time. 

Frustratingly, Apple Music Replay still pales in comparison to Spotify Wrapped in some areas. Notably, Apple Music Replay doesn't even work inside the Apple Music app, you'll have to go to a webpage to open it up. Apple Music Replay is also now competing with an emerging new trend called Instafest, an app that takes your Spotify listening habits and turns them into a fantastic-looking festival lineup promotion poster you can share with your friends. 

Apple Music remains one of the best iPhone apps for listening to music thanks to its strong integrations with the iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Siri, and more

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