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The 3rd Edition of Artist Aloud's World Music Day Festival

The 3rd Edition of Artist Aloud's World Music Day Festival
World Music Day celebrates all genres of music and the impact it has had on the world and the human spirit. This year, Artist Aloud, a platform by Hungama that supports and promotes independent music is celebrating it's third edition of it's annual promised gala - the World Music Day Festival in association with Hard Rock Cafe. The festival honours different styles & genres of music and brings together music enthusiasts from all over the country to live up this day to the fullest. This season, Artist Aloud is organizing simultaneous musical performances in 8 locations of Hard Rock Cafe across 7 cities - Mumbai (Andheri & Worli), Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune. This year's artist line-up is a distinctive list where every act is as original and standalone as it can be:
Thaikuddam Bridge (Mumbai - Worli)
Named after a bridge in Cochin across which the artists used to practice, this Kerala-based band has established a growing niche for themselves in the music industry. Reigniting the heritage of Malayalam music, the members consider the band to be a multi-genre band experimenting with all genres from western heavy metal to Indian classical. Multilingual covers are their speciality.
Dee MC and MC Kaur (Mumbai - Andheri)
One of the fastest-growing genres in India is Hip-Hop. While we see glimpses of it integrated in Bollywood music, pure forms of it are rarely witnessed in India. Talking about rarity, Artist Aloud has managed to get two female rappers to represent the Hip-Hop culture. Dee MC, fresh off of a Belgium tour has some dope exclusives ready to shoot. And Manmeet Kaur brings the soul in the beats and songs she’s gearing up to perform. Who run the world? Girls.
Euphoria (New Delhi)
Trailblazers of pop music in India, Euphoria is one of the favorite bands of anyone who grew up in the 90s (with more than 65% of the population being below the age of 35, that accounts for a gigantic fan base). Serving us the best amalgamation of ethnic Indian music with a dash of Rock, a pinch of Folk and a whole lot of love, their songs have endured the test of time and we are sure there are more coming.
Oorali (Hyderabad)
This is one of the best choices by Artist Aloud to commemorate music on this auspicious day. Oorali is a genre-defying band from Kerala with a unique presentation by actors, musicians, writers and visual artists. Singing in Spanish, Malayalam and English, an Oorali performance is a creative mix of music, theatre, visuals, art and song.
Avial (Bengaluru)
Another Kerala-based band called Avial has won the hearts of millions by it's dreamy music and mellifluous sound. Transcending the linguistic barriers and uniting their fans with their love for music, Avial has their foot in all genres including indie rock and folk fusion.
The Local Train (Gurgaon)
From performing in college festivals to landing a deal in Bollywood, The Local Train, named the best rock band by Sennheiser, has come a long way in the past decade. Having a viewship of over a million on YouTube, they are considered to be the genre defining new face of Hindi Rock.
Best Kept Secret (Pune)
With their latest single trending on iTunes India, this band is famous for their unique high-octane 'Dance-Rock' music. Having performed at IPL, Pin Drop Music Festival sharing the stage with Hoobastank, LIVE at fashion shows etc., Best Kept Secret is recognized as India's most touted young band.
Underground Authority (Kolkata)
The only formidable rap-rock outfit from India, Underground Authority (UA) believes in making music to express and not impress. Being one of India's most popular bands, UA strives to speak up for the commoner through their art, highlighting their problems and issues and hopes to inspire every individual to stand up for themselves and for a better tomorrow. Soumini Sridhara Paul, Vice President, Artist Aloud, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. spoke to us today stating
Artist Aloud is proud to partner with Hard Rock Cafe to present its 3rd season of the World Music Day Festival. We are really excited with the line-up we have managed to put together this year across all the 8 venues that the festival will be celebrated in India and we believe it is a true showcase of what World Music Day stands for – a collage of musical genres. We look forward to bringing such wonderful talent, year on year, making the IP a festival that consumers will look forward to every year.
We are extremely grateful to platforms like Artist Aloud that identify and showcase homegrown music giving young artists a dignified opportunity and the world some music-induced happiness. (Image credits: Artist Aloud Facebook page)

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