YouTube Music Now Let Users Create Artist-Based Customise Radio Stations

By Loudest Team
February 22, 2023
YouTube Music Now Let Users Create Artist-Based Customise Radio Stations

 is rolling out a new feature to  service ' Music', which will allow users to create their own custom stations based on specific artists.

Users can access the new "Radio Builder" feature by navigating to the "Your music tuner" section of the  Music homepage in the iOS or Android application, reports The Verge.

Users can choose up to 30 artists when creating a custom station, and can also specify whether they want to hear music just from those artists or from artists that are similar to those they have chosen.

Also, users can instruct it to play songs they know, songs they haven't heard before, or a combination of the two while adding filters to allow users to tune the mix.According to  spokesperson Paul Pennington, all users can access the feature, whether they are a paying subscriber or a free user, the report said.

Last December, it was reported that the company was testing this feature.Meanwhile, earlier this month, the  platform had reportedly rolled out the redesign of the "album view" for Android and iOS.

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