NEXA Music Season 2 collaborates with A.R. Rahman to seek it's contenders

NEXA Music Season 2 collaborates with A.R. Rahman to seek it's contenders

You know it's time to showcase your skills because NEXA Music Season 2 is now geared up to seek fresh talents of the country for this season (2). The entries for the season have gone live for all the aspiring singers in the country. Maruti Suzuki India Limited announced the launch of the NEXA Music Season 2 on the 12th of May, 2022, in a splendid event in Mumbai. A first of its kind initiative, NEXA Music is a platform curated to promote aspiring Indian musicians to showcase their talent and create original international global Standard English music.

The jury comprising the biggest Music Icon- A R Rahman, NEXA and Qyuki will shortlist 24 contestants from all the entries received. The selected 24 artists will undergo a mentorship program at the ‘NEXA Music Lab’ to further brush up their singing talent. The original tracks of the shortlisted 24 artists will be professionally reproduced in a music video featuring the artist. Out of the 24 artists, the top 4 will be shortlisted and declared as the Super Winners of Season 2. These artists will get to compose an additional new original English song under the mentorship of the music producers, with a feature in it.  Additionally, the winners will stand a chance to perform with AR Rahman in the album ‘Elevate.’

Season 2 of NEXA Music will centre around the pillars of NEXA Music Lounge and NEXA Music Lab to discover and celebrate upcoming artists.

NEXA Music Lounge, The Lounge is headlined by top Indian artists in the English music space.  Season 2 will see super winners from Season 1 take the center stage by contributing their original compositions to the NEXA Music Lounge. The super winners of Season 1 who will be headlining Season 2 are Nisa Shetty, Simetri and Heat Sink. They will be accompanied by celebrity artists duo Clinton Cerejo and Bianca Gomes (Shor Police), Uday Benegal, and Monica Dogra under the mentorship of world-renowned music icon A R Rahman. The album name of these marquee songs will be titled “Elevate” which signifies the journey an artist goes through on NEXA Music, which elevates them to the next level both creatively as well as literally.

NEXA Music Lab** NEXA Music Lab will play a key role in Season 2 in attracting and recruiting new emerging talent across the country to participate in this musical journey.  The Lab process, from hunt to selection, will also form an episodic show. The 24 shortlisted participants will be mentored by music composers from international music publishers like the iconic Fairwood Music and Konic Records, Turnkey Music and Publishing Pvt. Ltd., and global music icon A R Rahman.

Mr Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Director (Marketing & Sales), Maruti Suzuki India Limited said, “We have a special place in our hearts for NEXA Music. We are excited to begin our country-wide search for fresh, emerging talent for the Second Season of NEXA Music. The chosen artists will have the opportunity to compose original English compositions of global standards under the guidance of prominent musicians and will be able to share them globally. Now that the entries are open to everyone, I wish each participant the best of luck.”

All set to handpick the next winners, A R Rahman said, “By nurturing the next generation of Indian artists, Qyuki and NEXA are creating a much-needed tradition. Shortlisting talents is a challenge in itself because as we all know, India is brimming with aspiring performers, and I can't wait to hear each one this season.”

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