"Jjust Music Strives To Establish Innovative Revenue Streams And Diversify It's Offerings"-Shyam Chhabria,CEO- Jjust Music

"Jjust Music Strives To Establish Innovative Revenue Streams And Diversify It's Offerings"-Shyam Chhabria,CEO- Jjust Music

Jjust Music, A leading name in the world of entertainment, proudly welcomes Shyam Chhabria as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Renowned for his expertise in branded content and intellectual properties (IPs), Shyam brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the media and entertainment industry.

With an impressive background of innovating, leading, managing, and monetizing content and live IPs for various esteemed brands, Shyam's appointment as CEO signals a promising new era for Jjust Music. Having excelled at prestigious organizations such as Vh1 Supersonic, VIU India, Times Television Network, Balaji Telefilms, and NDTV Media, Shyam's strategic vision and business acumen will be instrumental in scaling Jjust Music's operations to new heights.

During the freewheeling chat with, Shyam Chhabria shared his excitement about joining Jjust Music as the CEO and discussed his expertise in branded content and IPs. As the conversation unfolded, Shyam also delved into his vision for the future of Jjust Music and the potential avenues he plans to explore.Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Congratulations on your new role as the CEO of Jjust Music! Can you tell us about your vision and goals for the company in terms of exploring the rich musical landscapes of India and developing larger strategies for multinational companies in Media & Entertainment? 

Jjust Music sets itself apart from traditional music labels in India and Asia by adopting a unique approach. While conventional labels focus mainly on streaming revenue and licensing, Jjust Music strives to establish innovative revenue streams and diversify its offerings. Under the rebranded name, Jjust Group, the company has ventured into various verticals, including kids' content, live events, and a content division within its music business. This strategic move allows Jjust Group to fuel up more conversations in and across different verticals. Jjust Group now aims to engage its audience through multiple assets across different verticals, creating a robust revenue structure, driving growth, and fostering a strong and loyal audience base. In essence, Jjust Group amalgamates content, music, and events to cultivate a cohesive and diverse community.

Q2.With your extensive experience in branded content and IPs, how do you plan to leverage your expertise to drive business growth for Jjust Music? 

Leveraging my expertise in developing intellectual properties (IPs) and diverse branded content formats, I have successfully established novel communication channels with our audiences, brands, OTTs, and even tourism entities. Through these innovative approaches, we have curated compelling content IPs tailored to specific ecosystems. The ultimate result is not only exponential revenue growth but also a significant expansion of our business on multiple fronts.

Q3.Jjust Music has recently launched four new divisions as part of its expansion plan. Could you share more details about these divisions, namely Jjust Kids, Jjust Live, Jjust Originals, and Jjust Pooja? What role do they play in the company's overall strategy?

Introducing Just Group as our esteemed mother brand, we proudly present its four key divisions:

- Jjust Music: A dynamic and diversified music label, Jjust Music curates captivating content across various genres, from mainstream hits to regional, devotional, and kids' melodies.

- Jjust Kids: Embracing an enriching infotainment model, Jjust Kids caters to the hearts of children, mothers, and parents alike. Through music intertwined with meaningful messages, it fosters the inculcation of essential values while ensuring an enjoyable learning journey. The division plans to introduce endearing mascots, Zo and Ally, along with their delightful family, friends, and pets to create a warm, welcoming ecosystem where children can explore, connect, and relish the outstanding content offered by Jjust Kids.

- Jjust Originals: An ingenious division crafting compelling content for OTTs, Jjust Originals ventures into scripted and non-scripted formats. With an array of phenomenal shows in the pipeline, we eagerly engage with a diverse range of OTT platforms to share our enthralling content with the world.

- Jjust Live: An extraordinary division dedicated to curating exclusive and innovative IPs, Jjust Live hosts artist tours and events. Through these electrifying experiences, we bring music and captivating conversations to audiences worldwide, transcending borders and captivating hearts across various markets. Presently, our focus is set on captivating audiences in India and the Middle East, with our highly anticipated first tour set to commence this October.

Together, these divisions embody the essence of creativity, engagement, and a shared passion for artistry, as we embark on a journey of inspiration and entertainment for all.

Q4.How do you see Jjust Music's position in the evolving music industry landscape, and what steps will you take to ensure its success and relevance in the market? 

In an impressively short span, we have achieved remarkable strides, swiftly expanding through the launch of these innovative verticals. These ventures are our unique selling points, setting us apart and allowing us to stand out amidst the market clutter. We no longer confine ourselves solely to a music label; rather, we have evolved into a pioneering music and content company, redefining industry norms. Our distinctive approach has already garnered resounding success, as both audiences and brands wholeheartedly connect with our vision. The path to success is clear, and we have already embarked on a promising journey in that direction.

Q5.Collaboration is crucial in the entertainment industry. How do you plan to work closely with Jackky Bhagnani, Pooja Entertainment, and other stakeholders to foster strong partnerships and drive business growth? 

Though Pooja Entertainment and Jjust Group, are distinct entities, we take pride in the illustrious legacy of Pooja Entertainment, spanning over three decades. This rich heritage lends a positive influence to Jjust Group, enabling us to engage with brands more confidently. Moreover, it provides us with the freedom and capability to involve brands in upcoming films, collaborate with artists for our music videos, and explore opportunities within Pooja Entertainment to create exceptional music together. Despite being separate, we foster a robust collaboration, with Jackky playing a pivotal role in both endeavours.

Q6.Given your experience in monetizing content and live IPs for various brands, what strategies do you envision implementing at Jjust Music to maximize revenue and create sustainable business models?

With a strong foundation in monetization since my early days at NDTV Media, where I worked closely with esteemed mentors, I have always recognized the significance of ensuring every creation holds a viable monetization aspect. This belief remains at the core of our current journey as we build a team and company that embodies a true monetization engine. Each vertical within Jjust Group, be it Jjust Kids or Jjust Live, has a well-defined monetization strategy, a result of thoughtful collaboration. This united approach empowers us to confidently engage with brands and government entities across various regions, securing fruitful partnerships for all parties involved. Our collective efforts focus on transforming every asset into a valuable revenue stream, ensuring that nothing we create goes without its rightful monetization potential.

Q7.What opportunities do you see in the Indian music industry, and how do you plan to tap into these opportunities with Jjust Music? 

Digitalization has revolutionised India's music industry, enabling seamless cross-border collaborations and artist 360 engagements. From producing music and live opportunities to grand engagements and audio tracks, all aspects can be efficiently managed under one roof. Collaborating closely with artists, we strive to create friendly and collaborative business models, ensuring shared success and a safe environment for all. Building such innovative models is essential to thrive in today's competitive music market.

Q8.As the CEO, how do you plan to create a thriving and collaborative work culture at Jjust Music that nurtures creativity and attracts top talent?

At Jjust Music, we have nurtured a talented and diverse team with expertise spanning production, digitization, digital marketing, monetization, concept creation, ideation, and more, ensuring a well-rounded approach to music.

Q9.Can you share any specific projects or initiatives that you are particularly excited about in your new role at Jjust Music?

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Believe Music, as we have shifted our distributors from Warner. This exciting collaboration opens up a world of possibilities, and we eagerly anticipate forging more partnerships in the realms of audio assets, live events, and beyond. We will be spilling the beans soon!

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