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Delhi is ready for The Gig Week #7

By Srishti Das
December 01, 2017
Delhi is ready for The Gig Week #7

19 artists, 7 days, 6 venues, Unlimited fun!

The Gig Week in Delhi this time is all about the number seven. 7th edition of everyone's favorite seven day festival. Seven. There, I said it again! The festival was started back in 2011, creating a platform for independent music discovery in the host city. Today it takes place in Delhi, Bombay and Hong Kong with an anticipated launch in Bangalore this January.

The Stellar Venues

The Gig Week takes place in some of the most happening neighbourhood bars, this time almost all in the hub of south Delhi. The venues chosen this time include 6 very popular places we all love to hang out at a lot; The Electric Room, Summer House Cafe, The Junction, The Bar Cat. Raasta and Auro.

Artist Curation

This edition the team has taken the artist curation a notch up. They continue to help promote Indian independant artists but have also brought in a number of international independant acts to take curation up a notch. Some of the prominent local acts include, Dualist Inquiry, Corridors, Tankbund and Amartya Ghosh. They  have reached out to new artists like progressive rock duo Zenguin, singer songwriter Angad Katari, all new female quintet Ladies Compartment, rapper and activist Sofia Ashraf and Delhi roots reggae selector Pagal Sound  to gain an engaging and passionate fanbase from The Gig Week. Delhi Sultanate will also perform at The Gig Week featuring Begum X which is definitely one to not miss out on! Delhi also sees the return of Raghav Meattle after his grown fame since The Stage. The festival has also accommodated The Bluegrass Journeymen and bluegrass ensemble from the US, who are back in town after their previous visit this summer. One of the major attractions for the festival is Madame Gandhi, known also as the drummer from MIA. She’s all set to give Delhi an experience of a lifetime. The Gig Week also presents a double Canadian experience from Youngblood and Bad Pop. The Bad Pop trio is one we are extremely excited about and who wouldn’t be with their interesting concept of how they’ve all grown up and are extremely pissed about it. Their music has a very sarcastic theme with a lot of distorted textures. The festival this year has renewed its previous ties with Jack Daniels and also has Budwiser, India’s leading beer brand.   To attend, you can buy the tickets on here. The festival begins tonight! Here is the complete line up:

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