Darshan Raval’s ‘Ek Tarfa’ crosses over 19 million views online

Darshan Raval’s ‘Ek Tarfa’ crosses over 19 million views online
By Sohani Mittal Darshan Raval is that the one to be blessed an incredible vocal and a god gifted talent. He's a composer as well as a lyricist who writes his songs. No wonder people claim Darshan Raval to be the new rising sensation within the industry. The bulk of his songs have variant views and well received by the general public as well as many have reached over 100 million views. The voice of Darshan Raval isn't just an inspiration to several but has worked its charms by residing into the hearts of masses.  Keeping his annual monsoon date with fans, singer Darshan Raval has released his latest Monsoon Song 'Ek Tarfa' on 15th July. The song, an achingly romantic track is right up Raval’s alley and promises to be a treat for his legions of fans. The song released by Indie Music Label on their official youtube channel has now crossed over 10 million views within 30 hours of its release. Darshan’s fans, over the previous few years, keenly await his monsoon song release and therefore the singer has never failed to deliver the goods. This year he came up again with another love ballad and Darshan has left no stone unturned to form it another chart buster. Naushad Khan, MD, Indie Music Label, says that they wanted to keep their date with audiences despite the lockdown. “Darshan has been releasing a single every monsoon since 2015 and it has become a ritual of sorts. Some of his biggest hits- Hawa Banke, Baarish Lete Aana, Dil Mera Blast, Bhula Dunga and Asal Mein have garnered tremendous response and this time too, the response has been overwhelming so far.”, he adds. Commenting on the same, Darshan says, “The song, ’Ek Tarfa' is really close to my heart and I made with a lot of love. My fans have always lapped up and appreciated my monsoon releases and I am glad that we are managing to win their hearts this time round as well.” The romantic track has been sung and composed by Darshan, and its lyrics are penned by Youngveer. Listen to his new song here: [embed][/embed]

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