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Prateek Kuhad Celebrates New EP By Going On House-Gig Tour In T2 Cities

By Tanya
August 05, 2018
Prateek Kuhad Celebrates New EP By Going On House-Gig Tour In T2 Cities

If you’re a Prateek Kuhad fan residing in one of the non-metros, do we have news for you!

Pagal Haina records, the record label representing Prateek Kuhad is bringing back its favourite fan initiative, house concerts, with a cold/mess house gig tour.

Prateek Kuhad will be travelling across the country this August in celebration of his new cold/mess EP and entering his fans’ homes, playing a private concert and spending the evening hanging with them and their friends.


In an email newsletter to his fans, Kuhad wrote,

’The idea of playing my songs in quiet, intimate settings has always appealed to me and feels most natural as it's how I write my songs. The songs on cold/mess are no different, so we thought, what better way for me to share this personal record with you all.’

To make it even more special, they have decided to skip the metros and travel to cities Kuhad has rarely played in, if ever, to be able to play for some of his fans who haven't had a chance to attend a performance yet. With 20 spots available in each city, the dates are set and the tour starts on Monday with all slots filled up already.

Dhruv Singh, Founder & Director, Pagal Haina Records told Loudest.in,

”This whole EP release campaign was centred around Prateek’s fans. We wanted to honour them, and thank them for their support and contribution. A lot of fans from the smaller cities have been writing in, requesting Prateek to come and perform there. We thought a house gig tour was the perfect way to do that. It's about creating special memories for the fans. That's at the heart of the house gig tour.”

Below are the dates of the tour:

Ahmedabad | Mon 06 August 2018
Indore | Tues 07 August 2018
Nagpur | Wed 08 August 2018
Hyderabad | Thurs 09 August 2018
Goa | Sat 11 August 2018
Chennai | Sun 12 August 2018
Guwahati | Mon 13 August 2018
Kolkata | Tues 14 August 2018
Lucknow | Wed 15 August 2018
Chandigarh | Fri 17 August 2018


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