BrandMusiq crafts sonic identity for Toyota

By Loudest Team
October 11, 2022
BrandMusiq crafts sonic identity for Toyota

BrandMusiq, a global sonic branding agency, has recently developed a brand-new sonic identity for Toyota. Recognized as pioneers in creating unique sonic branding solutions across sectors, BrandMusiq created the MOGO® (‘musical logo’) and the MOGOSCAPE® (sonic palette) of the brand.

Toyota is the World’s Largest Automotive Company, and one of India’s top 5 car brands. BrandMusiq was approached by Toyota to craft a unique sonic identity for the brand. They recognized the importance of using sound and music strategically, to build a stronger emotional bond with their customers.
BrandMusiq guided by Dentsu Creative, Bangalore worked to capture and bring alive the brand world of Toyota through this unique sonic identity.

Speaking on the sonic approach for the identity, Rajeev Raja, Founder & Soundsmith, BrandMusiq said, “To develop the sonic identity, we combined the science of sound and the art of music to express Brand Toyota’s unique personality and values. For Toyota we wanted to convey the thrill and joy of mobility – the core brand ethos of Toyota. This was reflected in the melody and rhythm of the sound that we created. The objective was to capture the emotional essence of the brand, whilst underpinning it with the gravitas and respect befittingidentity a leader

Over the years, BrandMusiq has successfully unlocked sound opportunities for consumer brands to create a long-lasting emotional association with their audiences across a multitude of ‘ear points or ‘audio touchpoints’.

By applying their time-tested process, the company has developed sonic identities that connect with consumers at a deeper and more subliminal level. BrandMusiq has created sonic identity for brands like MasterCard Global, Unilever, HDFC Bank, SBI Life, VIM, Vistara Airlines, Zomato, Raymond, Kraft, Nestle, Blue Band, MG Motors, Reliance Petroleum, and many others.

They have recently launched ‘BrandMusiq Labs’ to study the fundamental nature of sound and its effect on human beings at an emotional, physiological and neurological level. It will conduct sonic experiments, create sonic experiences and engage in conversation with leading practitioners in marketing, branding, behavioural sciences, and musicologists.

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