Sukruth Mallesh drops brand new single ‘Never’ at the backdrop of Nostalgia

Sukruth Mallesh drops brand new single ‘Never’ at the backdrop of Nostalgia

Pop singer Sukruth Mallesh fresh off the high from his debut single ‘Don't Fall in Love’ has released his brand new single ‘Never’. The dreamy track is all things nostalgic pop. The crooner has poured his heart out on the angst of separation and coping with moving on and starting afresh in his new song. 

‘Never’ comes after the wildly successful ‘Don’t Fall in Love’ which was miles away from what ‘Never’ is showcasing the singer - songwriters' musical prowess and versatility. 

Never strats with dreamy shots of Sukruth driving into nowhere,  staring into the distance and contemplating life after love channeling every lovelorn milleniall’s sentiments. The beautiful and soulful track is laced with nostalgia, hues of pink and blues and Sukruth’s smooth voice. 

On the release of the song Sukruth, Singer-Songwriter says: “This track was written  some time back, I wrote this song because I truly feel nothing inspires great art like heartbreak does, the song is a simple reminder that sometimes people leave and there is nothing wrong with hurting and wishing they would come back. It’s the most natural, most human thing to feel. I am so excited to see how people are going to react to ‘Never’ and hope that it resonates with everyone!” 

The love ballad is something out of a fever dream with velvety visuals that only further accentuate Mallesh’s easy listening vibe. 

“Sukruth is an extremely gifted songwriter who is driven by what he feels and what happens to him, he channels every emotion he feels into each song he writes. We kept the visuals simple to match Sukruth’s new age nostalgia pop vibe and because the song demanded it. We were more focused on the emotions that love and separation bring because it is such a relatable thing.” Adds Producer and Manager, Arpan Peter. 

The song is definitely the perfect song for a rainy day when you are left with a cup of coffee to look out the window and reminisce on a love lost but hope found. 

‘Never’ is available to listen to on all listening / streaming platforms. 

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