BrandMusiq Makes Sonic Waves In Singapore, Collaborates With NTUC Income

BrandMusiq Makes Sonic Waves In Singapore, Collaborates With NTUC Income

BrandMusiq, India’s pioneering sonic branding firm created a unique sonic identity for NTUC Income, the leading composite insurer in Singapore. NTUC Income wanted to build a deeper connect with its customers by adding the strong sensorial element of sound. With the help of BrandMusiq, the Income Group unlocked the power of sonic branding by developing a sonic identity system, comprising a ‘MOGOSCAPE® (Sonic palette), a MOGO® (Musical LOGO), and a Mini-MOGO® (confirmation sound/alert). The new Sonic Asset will be amplified by embedding it across all its brand communications and consumer engagement programs – TVCs, digital content, apps, activation and others. See link below to view their Gro Cash Sure TVC.

In the words of Dhiren Amin, Chief Marketing Officer, NTUC Income said, “I have been associated with BrandMusiq over 2 very different countries and 2 very different brands. What they always manage to do is capture the vision of the brand into a sound. The process is simple yet enlightening. And the output is memorable, as always.”

Says, Rajeev Raja, Founder, BrandMusiq said, ““It was an absolute delight to work closely with the NTUC Income team to develop a unique MOGO®?that signifies the human side of the story. In an increasingly digital world, a sonic identity is becoming an important part of the brand and marketing – with digital payments, notifications, voice-enabled transactions, and many other interfaces coming into play. NTUC Income’s Sonic Brand will create deeper brand engagement by enhancing its emotional appeal.”

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