"Creating Abundant Opportunities In Music And Content"-Mariya Jamal, Head Of Marketing (New Business & Music), Dot Media

"Creating Abundant Opportunities In Music And Content"-Mariya Jamal, Head Of Marketing (New Business & Music), Dot Media

Meet Mariya Jamal, the powerhouse behind the music marketing division at Dot Media. As the Head of Marketing (Music and New Businesses), Mariya is responsible for spearheading and developing the company's largest vertical.

With her keen eye for trends and unparalleled marketing expertise, Mariya has curated some of the most influential campaigns in the music industry. She has played a pivotal role in the success of chart-topping hits like "Position" by Ariana Grande, as well as "Heat Waves" and "Buhe Baariyaan" by Kanika Kapoor.

Collaborating with renowned music labels such as Saregama Music, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, and Gully Gang Records, Mariya has demonstrated her ability to create groundbreaking strategies that captivate audiences and drive results.

Mariya's expertise extends beyond music labels. She has also collaborated with major brands including Disney+ Hotstar, Snapchat, and Iba, among others. With her deep understanding of the internet landscape and consumer behavior, Mariya knows how to craft campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences across various platforms.

Driven by her headstrong nature, imagination, and street-smart approach, Mariya is a true force in the industry. Her dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence have played a pivotal role in propelling Dot Media to new heights.

In an exclusive interview with Loudest, Mariya Jamal opens up about her remarkable journey at Dot Media, where she has thrived as the Head of Marketing (New Business & Music).Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Can you explain in brief how you started Dot Media and how has been the journey so far? 

We are a proud lockdown brain child, what started out as a total shot in the dark, exploring ideas and avenues, eventually transpired to become one of the key content first talent management and marketing companies. The journey has been a true blue blessing, everyday we get to learn something new and the best to come is always ahead of us. 

Q2.In this highly competitive market, how does Dot Media stand apart? 

Dot Media is unique because of the people that make it so. We might not be growing exponentially when it comes to vertical growth but these jacks of all trades that make the company what it is have created a strong foundation horizontally in their own right. Ideas are the bedrock of our organization and collaboration at the very core is what makes us different from what everyone else is doing. 

Q3.Factors basis which you strategize the campaigns? 

We combine our campaigns based on what the clients are looking for, what we suggest and what hasn’t been done before. The combination of the three mostly equals a pretty solid strategy on most days but we do try with all our might to push the envelope further in terms of creating a unique experience each time. 

Q4.What is the business model and prominent clients until now?

Our clientele is a vividly mixed bag of different ticket sizes and niches - from music labels to edutech platforms, FMCG brands and OTT media services, we’re pretty well positioned across categories, some of our nearest and dearest include Sony Music, boAt, Amazon, Zee5 Global & SportsBuzz. 

Q5.What products/services do you want to add to your existing offerings? What is your audacious goal for your business? 

We’re pretty much doing everything under the sun in-house at this point, we work harder to be the best at what we do now. The ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem for creativity, collaboration and innovation within the creator economy. 

Q6. How do you strategize different marketing tools specially for music & social media marketing? 

magician never reveals his trade secrets. But I do think the secret sauce is within practice, R&D, the unlimited power of the internet and expanding your network far beyond the necessary. 

Q7.Can you share plans regarding your expansion in the next 1 year? 

Like I said, the plan is to practice, because practice makes perfect. This year will be dedicated to nurturing our incubator projects into a growth spurt. As we dive deeper into original content production, we hope to churn out important stories that need to be told. 

Q8.Elaborate the present market scenario in your domain and business opportunities that you see in this segment?   

Even with what has been called the era of the great resignation, middle of the year is always a good time for business. It’s a great time to double down on what you do know and make sure you don’t carry your expertise as a burden but as a tool for help. With the kind of artists that are currently on the boom, in terms of both music and content, we’re confident that we will be able to create an environment full of opportunities for our artists as well as the network at large. 

Q9.Any new trends you see in the marketing segment in coming years? How is it going to impact the creators & Brands?   

We’re in a very dynamic business and while we can’t predict everything for the coming years we can learn from experience and know that tech will evolve to the point of perfection in our business and no, it still won’t put us out of business. Brands will work harder to become creators and creators will work harder to become brands, eventually it is just about the survival of the fittest. 

Q10.What Are Your Future Plans?

The ultimate plan is to become enablers in the creator economy, do right by our set of artists, create compelling content and never stop learning.

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