"At Wynk Music We Curate Dedicated Playlists Promotional Campaigns To Spotlight Indie Artists"-Abhishek Biswal

"At Wynk Music We Curate Dedicated Playlists Promotional Campaigns To Spotlight Indie Artists"-Abhishek Biswal

Meet Abhishek Biswal, the dynamic Business Head overseeing Airtel IQ, Airtel Ads, and Wynk Music at Airtel. Since joining the company in 2018, Abhishek has played a pivotal role in shaping product strategies for B2C acquisitions, digital channels, advertisements, and pay & financial services.

With a keen understanding of consumer behavior and market trends, Biswal leads his team in developing innovative platforms that enable brands to connect with their target audience effectively. Leveraging Airtel's vast customer insights from its 450+ million user base and the unique offerings of Wynk Music, Biswal and his team are dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer experiences while driving brand engagement and acquisition efforts.

In an exclusive interview with, Abhishek Biswal graciously shares his profound insights into Wynk Music and offers a glimpse into what lies ahead for the platform in the future era.Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Can you discuss any collaborations or partnerships Wynk Music has formed with indie artists or music labels to amplify your promotional efforts?

Newer and less established independent artists face one too many challenges in the music industry like fewer chances of discovery or the scope to widen their audience reach along with the lack of monetization opportunities, which is essential to sustain and increase their content creation.

A platform like ours addresses these challenges and helps the artists to build thriving careers. On Wynk, we are able to leverage our technology strength and wide user base to solve the barriers of reaching a wide audience and being discovered by them. In addition to helping drive their reach and discovery, we also help them monetize their content as their user streams increase on our app.

We also enable these artists to access a host of other opportunities, which include collaborations with other music labels, distributing their music as background score of Web series, OTT, live events etc amongst others. Five of our women artists performed at the Hornbill Music Festival in December for instance. The artists featured prominently in the event’s line up and grooved audiences to the best of their songs. 

Q2.How do you ensure that indie music receives adequate visibility and recognition amidst the vast catalogue of music available on Wynk Music?

Wynk Music prides itself on fostering strong collaborations with indie artists and music labels to help amplify local artists and music. Through initiatives like Wynk Studio, India’s largest music distribution ecosystem for independent artists, we provide a platform for to launch their music, leveraging our technology and telco expertise to reach a wider audience.

Ensuring visibility for indie artists and their music is a top priority at Wynk Music. We curate dedicated playlists and promotional campaigns to spotlight indie artists, ensuring their music receives the recognition it deserves amidst our extensive catalogue.

Here is how Wynk Studio helps independent artists:

  1. Discovery- Enabling artists to launch their music on the Wynk music app and also other music platforms. Music listeners can save, download and even follow their favourite artists on the Wynk app.
  2. Monetization– Helps emerging artists to achieve record streams in competitive timelines through the support of Airtel’s strong distribution capabilities. This ensures consistent earnings for artists on every stream enabling them to make their music career.
  3. Transparency & Data Analytics- Using Airtel’s deep data science capabilities, artists can now build music that is enjoyed by their followers and helping them create commercially viable music.

With Wynk Studio as a medium and helped by Airtel’s unparalleled reach, independent artists have an unprecedented opportunity to take their voice to their audiences directly.

Q3.What sets Wynk Music apart from other music streaming platforms, and what unique features does it offer to its users?

Launched in 2014, Wynk Music is a Made in India music app which is today, India’s number 1 music streaming app by downloads and daily active users. We are going to celebrate our 10-year anniversary this year, what sets us apart is our commitment to offering a comprehensive music streaming experience. From a vast library of over 23 million songs in 15 languages to ad-free listening and immersive Dolby Atmos® sound, we strive to provide users with unparalleled access to their favorite music. We understand the deep connection of fans with their favourite artists and create multiple avenues to strengthen music communities by building opportunities for artist-fan meet ups.  

Q4.How does Wynk Music approach partnerships and collaborations with other companies or brands to enhance its offerings?

Wynk Music approaches partnerships and collaborations strategically, seeking to enhance our offerings and provide added value to our users. Whether it's collaborating with other music labels or partnering with brands for exclusive content, we aim to enrich the music experience for our users.

Q5.Looking to the future, what upcoming features or plans does Wynk Music have to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of the music industry?

Looking ahead, we are focused on continuous innovation and evolution to stay ahead in the dynamic music industry landscape. We have exciting plans for new features and enhancements that will further enrich the user experience and solidify our position as India's leading music streaming platform.

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