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Free-spirited artist The Rish debuts as a music composer for his latest release ‘Jaane de’

By Loudest Team
August 03, 2022
Free-spirited artist The Rish debuts as a music composer for his latest release ‘Jaane de’

After receiving an amazing response for his song ‘Jab Tu Milne Thi Aayi’ with the singer Aakash, independent Artist Rishabh Kant AKA The Rish is back with a fresh collaborative single ‘Jaane De’ that has taken over the internet with more than 1M views. To enthrall his fans with his new composition and lyrics. “This song and the music video create a mood and allow the audiences to delve into a world very different from the one we are currently experiencing,” says The Rish, the singer, himself. This is his second release in the month of July after his latest release of the song, ‘Jab Tu Milne Thi Aayi’. The song, which was released on the 22nd of July, portrayed the heartfelt love story of a couple going distant.

Rish also mentioned by saying; “I will be debuting as a solo composer for the first time in his latest song, ‘Jaane De’, featuring Larrisa D’sa and Satyajeet Dubey. The song depicts the aftermath of a split which can be painful. Though different people behave in different ways when it comes to dealing with heartbreak, music has always been the soothing and unifying factor in grief. Music is a necessity for the soul, after all, Newly singles can opt to lean into songs for relief. This music video was released on the 28th of July on YouTube and other music streaming platforms.

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