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Rohini Ahluwalia, COO Of Blaupunkt, Unveils The Art Of Harmonizing Retail With Music

By Ojasvi Kapoor
February 02, 2024
Rohini Ahluwalia, COO Of Blaupunkt, Unveils The Art Of Harmonizing Retail With Music

In the intricate tapestry of retail, where every element contributes to the overall shopping experience, Rohini Ahluwalia, the Chief Operating Officer of Blaupunkt, sheds light on the nuanced strategies retailers employ to weave the right music into their business ambiance.

"Retailers use various strategies to select the right music for their businesses," explains Ahluwalia. "They consider their target audience and aim to create a shopping atmosphere that resonates with their customers' interests. Factors like tempo, genre, and lyrics are all carefully considered. Retailers also ensure that the music aligns with the store's brand image and merchandise. Some even employ changing playlists to keep the atmosphere fresh, seeking expert advice or collaborating with music licensing organizations to ensure compliance with copyright regulations while offering a delightful shopping experience."

Ahluwalia emphasizes that the music played in a store is not merely a background element but a carefully curated ingredient that profoundly influences how customers perceive their shopping journey. Research underscores this, revealing that the selection of appropriate background music can lead to a significant 41% increase in the time customers spend in a store.

One of the key considerations in this sonic strategy is understanding the target audience. Retailers, with insights from consumer behavior, tailor their playlists to create a connection with customers. The tempo, genre, and lyrics are all taken into account, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the preferences of the clientele.

Aligning music with the brand image and merchandise further enriches the shopping atmosphere. For example, a high-end boutique may opt for sophisticated jazz tunes, while a sportswear store might infuse energetic beats to amplify the dynamic vibe. The synergy between the auditory and visual elements enhances the overall brand identity, fostering a cohesive and memorable customer experience.

In the pursuit of maintaining a fresh and engaging environment, some retailers take the extra step of changing playlists regularly. Seeking expert advice or collaborating with music licensing organizations ensures not only compliance with copyright regulations but also a well-rounded and delightful shopping experience for customers.

Rohini Ahluwalia's insights shed light on the meticulous thought process behind the music selection in retail. As the COO of Blaupunkt, a brand synonymous with audio excellence, Ahluwalia's perspective is a testament to the transformative power of music in enhancing the retail landscape. In a world where every detail matters, retailers recognize that the right music is not just a complement to the shopping experience; it is a strategic tool that shapes perceptions and influences consumer behavior.

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