Apple Music Unveils 'Partner Program' Offering Premium Data Analytics Tools For Labels And Distributors

Apple Music Unveils 'Partner Program' Offering Premium Data Analytics Tools For Labels And Distributors

Apple Music introduces its latest offering, the 'Apple Music Partner Program,' tailored for record labels and distributors. This program presents an array of tools designed to empower partners in monitoring streaming trends and global radio plays through innovative Shazam technology. The platform promises enhanced capabilities to identify emerging talents, discern evolving trends, and gain deeper insights into content performance.

Complementing its existing Apple Music for Artists platform, which became universally accessible to artists in August 2019, this Partner Program extends advanced functionalities. It integrates dashboards and APIs, although currently lacking a dedicated mobile app. Noteworthy features include an "advanced" analytics dashboard and "Premier Support" service, furnishing labels and distributors with dedicated Apple Music assistance for tasks such as API setup, profile management, and content uploads. Additionally, members gain access to exclusive virtual events.

Among its highlights, the Partner Program introduces the "Chart Explorer," granting access to a vast repository of over 4,500 Apple Music charts spanning numerous countries, regions, and genres. Furthermore, the 'Radio Spins' tool harnesses Shazam technology to monitor radio stations worldwide, while global radio charts are set to be publicly available on both Apple Music and Real-time listener counts and detailed music information through the 'Real Time Listeners' and 'Apple Music Atlas' tools respectively, further enrich the Partner Program's offerings.

Rolling out on May 9th, initially for select record labels and music distributors in the US, with Believe as a pioneering partner, Apple Music's new Partner Program heralds a significant step forward in empowering its industry collaborators with comprehensive analytics and support services.

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