Apple Music Unveils Monthly Replay Feature: Here's How To Dive In!

By Loudest Team
February 21, 2024
Apple Music Unveils Monthly Replay Feature: Here's How To Dive In!

Apple Music's Replay feature, which traditionally provided users with an annual recap of their music listening habits, has been revamped by the Cupertino-based tech giant. Now, users can access a monthly Replay, offering a more frequent and detailed insight into their listening history alongside the still available annual playlist.

To access the monthly Replay, users simply visit and log in using their Apple ID associated with Apple Music. Here, they can explore their top songs, albums, artists, and personal milestones for each month. Apple will also archive these statistics for later reference.

Additionally, Apple is experimenting with a convenient way for Android users to transfer playlists seamlessly between Spotify and Apple Music, catering to those considering a switch between platforms. This integration is being tested with SongShift in the latest beta version of Apple Music on Android.

Furthermore, Apple recently retired its iTunes app on Windows, replacing it with three separate apps: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices. These apps, announced in 2022, are now available for download via the Windows Store, marking a shift in how users manage their Apple content on Microsoft's operating system. The public rollout of these apps has commenced, providing users with a streamlined experience across Windows devices.

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