5 Must Have Smartphone Apps For Hip-Hop Fans & Artists.

By San Cha
July 02, 2018
5 Must Have Smartphone Apps For Hip-Hop Fans & Artists.
There is no deny in the fact that smartphones are getting smarter day by day. Music is getting digital and distribution of music is getting much easier. Since hip-hop music is getting a commercial recognition in South-Asian music, a lot of hip-hop heads are turning into artists. In other words, it is said that rappers don't get a lot of fans because they turn into their competitors. So, to cut help the artists and listeners, we've arranged a list of smartphone apps that will keep busy and motivated.


Music is not music until it rhymes. RhymeZone is a songwriter's best friend. RhymeZone is an app by which has been helping songwriters ever since their launch. The app itself enhances the vocabulary and impact of words used in a song. In fact, RhymeZone provides close rhymes, rhymes, synonyms, homophones, antonyms with examples of their use. The app provides exact features like their website version. As of now, the app is available on iOs and Android platforms but it is not free. On iOS, users can purchase it for INR 249 while Android users can get the app for INR 132. Use their website if you don't want to invest. Android version has 10,000 plus active users per month.


As the name suggests, Battle Me is an app for battle rappers. Hip-hop community on  Battle Me has more than 800,000 monthly active rappers. Battle Me gives you an opportunity of building connections through music. These tracks can be shared within communities which have several DJs & Record Labels associates as members. The procedure of the app is pretty easy to get used to. A user has to pick a beat and record himself rapping on it.  These demos helps you in taking part in the weekly online rap battles. This can become your road to the success. Compete with people like you and leave your mark. The app is free on both Android & iOS platforms.


Producers, embrace yourself. Using samples in your music could be pretty hectic and time consuming. The world moves fast and sampling takes time. Who Sampled? helps you in finding out a sample used on a popular song. If you're looking for a sample which you've heard on a song, this is your encyclopedia. You just have to type the name of the song in the search bar and the information will pop-up. The search interface is pretty handy as well. The app is available on both iOS & Android platforms. However, this app costs INR 300 on iOS and is free on Android. The app supports Spotify as well. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements in the app. We suggest you to check their website and the Android version first before buying it on iOS.


Everyone knows what Spotify is all about. If you're living in a country where the app is unavailable, you're missing out on all of the fun. Spotify serves as a part of digital audio-distribution system and offers services audio-streaming services. In fact, Spotify is the most popular audio-streaming app in terms of monthly active users. The app sorts most popular music in playlists which are based on genres, artists and mood. In fact, the app learns your music taste and gets better with your use. The app is free for both Android and iOS users but is currently unavailable in several countries.


Undoubtedly, Genius is the best when it comes to finding lyrics online. In addition, the annotations also helps a reader to know the context of the lyrics. The website also adds opinions & descriptions in a line-by-line format which allow a better readability. Genius' employees are working hard to bring new features for their users. Furthermore, the team is now linking their video content on the app. The Genius app is available for both iOs & Android users. Whenever you play a song on your device, the Genius app will find the lyrics of the track and will send you pop-up notifications. Tap on the notification and your lyrics are ready for a read.  The app is free to download and also has an audio fingerprinting feature which allows users to search for a song they don’t know the name of in Shazam fashion.  

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