Roposo And The Dharavi Dream Project Unite To Elevate The Global Dance Scene On International Hip-Hop Day

By Loudest Team
August 14, 2023
Roposo And The Dharavi Dream Project Unite To Elevate The Global Dance Scene On International Hip-Hop Day

Roposo, India’s leading LIVE platform, announced an exciting collaboration with The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP) on International Hip Hop Day. According to this partnership, Roposo will dedicate more than 30 LIVE streams every month on the platform for TDDP’s students. This partnership is a significant step towards nurturing and empowering young Hip Hop enthusiasts in Dharavi, India's largest slum, by giving them an opportunity to break-a-leg in front of over 80 million audience on Roposo.

The Dharavi Dream Project stands as India's inaugural hip-hop school, committed to nurturing and fostering the innate talent and passion for hip-hop within underprivileged children from Dharavi, Mumbai. This innovative initiative strives to uplift the lives of marginalized youth in Dharavi, providing a channel to channelize their emotions and energy, while amplifying their voices on a global scale. The project has already impacted over 200+ Gen-Z students, providing mentorship and training in rap music, beatboxing, graffiti art, and more.

Roposo, on the other hand, has been playing a central role in showcasing curated pop-culture-driven content from new-age creators for the Gen-Zs, the largest audience group on the platform, entertaining them with trending live streams. Roposo is a one-stop destination for both shopping and live entertainment where users can seamlessly switch between browsing the latest fashion trends and enjoying live music performances, virtual fashion shows, interactive music festivals, movie launches LIVE contests, and more. With rapping, beatboxing, and hip-hop being a hit amongst its core audience, the unheard talents of TDDP stand to benefit from the huge spectatorship Roposo will offer.

On International Hip-Hop Day, celebrated on August 11, this partnership will unfurl in a spectacular fashion on Roposo. The platform will host an all-day extravaganza of live shows by the accomplished young talents from TDDP. This unique showcase will allow artists to demonstrate their prowess in dance, rap, and diverse hip-hop expressions. TDDP's rising stars, including notable achievers such as Bboy Kancha, who is celebrated for his inventive breaking style infused with emotional storytelling, Ayush - a multifaceted rapper and the celebrated Bboy dancer will perform on Roposo. Vikram, a revered mentor and b-boy will also perform some Hip-Hop moves, while the prodigious Bboy Mayur, who holds the distinction of being TDDP's youngest champion, will also display their talent on the platform.

Additionally, viewers will be treated to an exclusive insight into the origins and aspirations of TDDP through an exceptional interview, hosted by Roposo creator Karan Parihar. This engaging session will feature the visionary Co-Founder of TDDP, along with the budding performers, offering a deeper understanding of TDDP's profound impact and transformative journey that TDDP embodies.

Commenting on this collaboration, Mansi Jain, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Roposo India, stated, "Our association with The Dharavi Dream Project reaffirms our dedication to nurturing emerging talent who can have a significant impact on the lives of the Gen-Z. We deeply believe in the influence of Hip Hop, which holds the capacity to ignite inspiration and foster unity across diverse backgrounds. Through our platform, we are not just providing an avenue for these young and talented Hip Hop enthusiasts to reach out to more than 80 million users on Roposo, but we are also wholeheartedly fuelling the expansion and resonance of this vibrant cultural revolution on our platform."

In the words of TDDP's co-founders Dolly Rateshwar, Sushant Yattam, and Tejashree Pol, "Through our innovative partnership, we're bridging gaps, fostering collaboration, and empowering under-resourced hip-hop artists to rise above limitations. Together, we're rewriting the narrative of the hip-hop industry and creating a platform where every talent has the opportunity to shine."

Apart from the association with The Dharavi Dream Project and live streams featuring its aspiring creators, Roposo will also be hosting a series of live shows across dance, music, fashion, and more. Audiences can expect a thrilling showcase of Hip-Hop talent and creativity throughout the day on International Hip-Hop Day.


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