Chart-Topping Artist Vineet Salutes ISRO With Debut Hindi Song 'India Ka Asli Hero’

By Loudest Team
September 08, 2023
Chart-Topping Artist Vineet Salutes ISRO With Debut Hindi Song 'India Ka Asli Hero’

The multi-grammy submitted singer-songwriter makes his Hindi debut inspired by ISRO’s remarkable space achievements recently. Leading to what could be possibly a string of tracks celebrating ISRO, this is the first such musical tribute to be released soon after the moon and sun missions.  

“The words of the song were already brewing in my heart, as I sat glued to the TV like every Indian. Holding my breath till the last moment and then the eruption of joy as I saw the ISRO team applauded this wondrous feat. This moment entrenched a sing along melody in me, which I captured on my phone at that very moment!” Recounts an elated Vineet Singh Hukmani. 

The once in a lifetime momentous occasion of ISRO scientists successfully making India the first country in the world to achieve a south pole landing on the moon, inspired the multi-faceted artist to write ‘ISRO. India ka Asli Hero, his very first song in Hindi, after a string of success and securing important landmarks as a record making English language artist from the country. 

It is indeed in more ways than one a special song for the radio whiz who holds the record of being the ‘First artist in the world to have 9 no.1 singles’ in a year. He elaborates, “This song is special to me as it is my first song in Hindi after I have become a full-time professional musician. It is special to me because in an otherwise planned music career filled with logical decisions, I have, for the first time, embarked on a song, purely with on impulse and this makes it very emotionally rewarding. Every word in the song is an emotion that we have all felt together on that momentous day. I want to gift this song to the scientists of ISRO first and to every Indian, who I invite to join and sing this song with pride not only today, but for every new frontier of space that ISRO will succeed in.”

The song has a sing along melody in the chorus and has like most of Vineet’s releases a ‘Global Indian’ sound design to add sufficient lyrical and musical gravitas to this monumental achievement. It features brief snippets of the ‘landmark’ audio bytes of the ISRO chairman and the Mission Director team and begins an excerpt of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s congratulatory speech.Oh oh oh oh ISRO, ban gaye ho India ke asli hero, Oh oh oh oh ISRO , shukriyaaa, aage badhte chalo… The catchy sing along chorus of the track for inspired by the “real heroes are men and women who bring real transformational change to our country, propelled by the simplicity of their thoughts and actions, but guided by dreams that are larger than life itself”, the genre-hopping two time author lets in. 

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