"Being The First Independent Indian Artist To Perform At Tomorrowland Is A Tremendous Honor"-Sahil Verma

By Ojasvi Kapoor
August 25, 2023
"Being The First Independent Indian Artist To Perform At Tomorrowland Is A Tremendous Honor"-Sahil Verma

Sahil Verma’s performance at Tomorrowland Belgium is a significant milestone for Indian independent artists, as he takes the stage without any management or label, showcasing his talent, dedication, and perseverance. With his innovative sound and electrifying stage presence, Sahil Verma is set to leave an indelible mark on Tomorrowland and its global audience.

In a freewheeling chat with,He talks about his Musical Journey.Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Tell us about your musical journey so far.

My musical journey has been an incredible roller coaster ride since the beginning. I've been making music for ten years now and have explored various genres from dance music and traditional hip-hop to background scoring and more. My influences trace back to when I was a young boy, with my mother's encouragement to pursue classical Indian music training. This early exposure shaped my interest in music. During my school years, I was actively engaged with school bands, instruments, and live performances, particularly drawn to Western music styles like rock and pop. This diverse musical upbringing laid the foundation for my creative journey.

Q2. Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Drawing inspiration from a multitude of artists, I find myself captivated by various musical cultures and ethnic instruments. I have a deep admiration for Latin music and even unique instruments like the Azerbaijani 'DA'. My musical inspiration stems from this blend of ethnic and electronic sounds, resulting in a melodic and commercially relevant approach.

Q3.What is your favorite genre of music and what do you enjoy?

Interestingly, my personal music preferences differ from my discography. I have a wide range of musical tastes, but currently, I'm immersed in genres like Tech House, Latin House, and Afro House. The dance music world has drawn me back into these genres, and I particularly enjoy the diverse subgenres within the house music realm.

Q4.Tomorrowland is a significant milestone. How do you think this impacts the perception of Indian independent artists on the global stage?

Being the first independent Indian artist to perform at Tomorrowland is a tremendous honor. Beyond personal recognition, it's about putting India on the global music map. India boasts immense talent, and this achievement showcases that. My hope is that this achievement inspires aspiring artists to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to approach their journey with both creativity and a strategic mindset.

Q5.What has driven your musical journey, and how have you stayed focused on your goals?

My journey has been shaped by embracing opportunities and staying true to my heart. I've welcomed every chance to produce music, create background scores, and collaborate with brands. The key is to stay genuine and passionate while also learning the practical aspects of the industry. Being knowledgeable about contracts, royalties, and marketing is crucial for independent artists. I believe that aligning creativity with practicality can lead to successful outcomes.

Q6. Did your experience at Tomorrowland meet your expectations?

The experience at Tomorrowland exceeded my expectations. Playing on a stage near the main stage was both exciting and nerve-wracking, but the energy from the crowd and the positive response were overwhelming. Connecting with the audience and witnessing people from around the world dance to my music was an incredible feeling.

Q7.What are your aspirations as an artist? Are there any dream stages or collaborations you hope to achieve?

My primary goal is to create memorable music and performances that resonate with people. I'm excited to explore new sounds and create my own unique signature. As for collaborations, I'm open to working with diverse artists across the world. Ultimately, I aim to continue putting India on the global music map and inspiring others to chase their dreams.

Q8.Any advice for budding artists?

My advice for budding artists is to be proactive and learn various aspects of the industry, from music production and marketing to contracts and branding. Don't wait for a manager or label to handle everything. Understanding these facets will empower you to make informed decisions and negotiate better deals in the future. Also, stay true to your artistry while being open to learning and adapting along the way.

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"Being The First Independent Indian Artist To Perform At Tomorrowland...

In a freewheeling chat with,He talks about his Musical Journey.

August 25, 2023