"We Strike A Balance, Nurturing The Artist's Creativity While Meeting Market Demands”-Rohit Sobti,Co-founder Artiste First

By Ojasvi Kapoor
February 19, 2024
"We Strike A Balance, Nurturing The Artist's Creativity While Meeting Market Demands”-Rohit Sobti,Co-founder Artiste First

Rohit Sobti, a dynamic entrepreneur, and co-founder of Artiste First, is rewriting the rules of the music industry. With a career spanning over 25 years, including leadership roles at Temasek Holdings and Citibank, India, Sobti brings strategic prowess through a certification from Harvard Business School.

At the core of his journey is Artiste First, where he not only orchestrates operations but also champions a culture empowering independent artists, fostering creativity beyond boundaries. His commitment extends to the realms of cybersecurity, showcasing a versatile leadership style that navigates the complexities of finance, music, and technology.

In an exclusive chat with,he talks about Artiste First, where he not only manages operations but also fosters a culture empowering independent artists and to promote their creativity.Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.What inspired you to co-found Artiste First and venture into the independent music label industry?

Artiste First was born from a shared passion and two decades of expertise. Tarsame and I joined forces to create something new in the music label scene. With a background in Distribution, Monetization, Licensing, Brand Extension & Creation, the prospect of crafting fresh content was both thrilling and challenging. Our mission is simple yet profound: To place the artist at the center, fostering honest, transparent, and passionate collaborations. Through music, we aim to unite the world, one heartfelt note at a time.

Q2.Could you elaborate on how you foster a culture at Artiste First that empowers independent artists and encourages creativity?

At Artiste First, it's all about teaming up with artists every step of the way – from crafting tunes to shooting videos, promotions, and collaborations. We strike a balance between letting the artist's creativity shine and meeting market demands. We get their vision, sync up with the latest trends, and create a plan that works for everyone. It's a culture that celebrates the artist's freedom while keeping an eye on what the world is grooving to.

Q3.Can you share a specific example where Artiste First has successfully showcased diversity through a genre-neutral approach?

We take pride in our genre-neutral approach, and here's a sweet lineup to prove it: love, party, wedding, devotional, regional language (Kashmir), inspiration, hip-hop, a song for our furry friends, a take-off song, world love vibes, Sufi, Qawali, and more. We've got a little bit of everything, celebrating diversity in every note and beat.

Q5.How do you see Artiste First's commitment to promoting genre-neutral music, including diverse themes such as raps, fan anthems, social causes, and patriotism, contributing to the evolution of the overall music scene?

When it comes to genre-neutral music, Artiste First is all about embracing diversity in its own unique way. We focus on dropping tunes that break free from the traditional Bollywood sound, giving established artists a chance to explore fresh vibes and share them through our label alongside emerging independent talents. Our roster includes legends like Sandesh Shandiliya and National Award winner Saleel Kulkarni, as well as rising stars launching their musical journey with us. Diverse themes? We've got that covered too, thanks to Artiste First Curation. We curate music in sync with brand briefs, ranging from rap and fan anthems to social causes and patriotic tunes. It's our way of adding a fresh beat to the evolving music scene.

Q6. What anticipations do you have for the music business in 2024?

In 2024, it's all about the raw, unfiltered sound. The audience is leaning away from heavy production and intricate lyrics; instead, they crave simplicity and authenticity. Whether it's a film track or an independent song, the trend is all about that raw vibe – relatable and real, especially resonating with the Gen-Z and Millennial crowd. Our goal for 2024 is to tap into every artist's raw side, ensuring that the same authenticity shines through on digital platforms and lights up the stage at our artists' live shows!

Q7. Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives that you're particularly excited about?

We've got some thrilling projects in the pipeline that have us buzzing with excitement. Badal, our rising Hip-Hop sensation fresh from the MTV Hustle show, is set to drop his debut album in 2024. It's a defining moment for him, promising a sound that defies genres and expectations. He's all about being diverse, and Artiste First is geared up to broadcast that to his audience with this groundbreaking album.

But that's not all! Keep an eye out for Faheem Abdullah's debut album and Sohail Sen's debut EP – both gearing up to hit the airwaves in the coming months.

And here's a sneak peek into something new: we're launching Artiste First Finds, introducing Divine Trance as a genre. Exciting times are ahead, and we can't wait to share these musical journeys with you!

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