Vinod Bhanushali Unveils Insights Into Film And Music Ventures In Exclusive Interview

Vinod Bhanushali Unveils Insights Into Film And Music Ventures In Exclusive Interview

With over three decades of expertise in the realms of films, music, and media, Vinod Bhanushali has embarked on two exciting new ventures. At the helm of Bhanushali Studios Limited (BSL), his mission is to craft diverse cinematic experiences across various genres. Concurrently, with Hitz Music, they aspire to pioneer a cutting-edge platform for the next generation of music creators.

In an exclusive interview with, he delves into his journey and offers insights into the inner workings of the entertainment business.Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Can you share the inspiration behind your journey into the film industry and entrepreneurship, leading to the establishment of Bhanushali Studios Limited and Hitz Music?

The journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride because I never envisioned myself owning a studio, let alone becoming a label owner or filmmaker. If I rewind back to my college days, I wasn't even remotely involved in this industry. My exposure to entertainment was limited to simply going to the cinema and watching films on VHS tapes.

But fate, as they say, had its own plans. I crossed paths with Gulshan ji while working at Sahara India, where I was handling the studio operations. Gulshan ji approached me one day and said, "Come with me, we need to set up an editing studio." I was just a 19 or 20-year-old at that time.

I went through 2 or 3 rounds of interviews in the office and found myself in the midst of it all. I kept thinking to myself, "I have no clue about this," but Gulshan ji saw something in me – a confidence perhaps only a mentor or a father figure could discern. He kept encouraging me, insisting that

I was capable of doing it all.That marked the beginning of my journey in the industry. I spent a good four years with him until 1997, and then an incident occurred. However, for the next 27 years, I worked closely with Gulshan ji and the entire team. All my knowledge and experience were garnered on the job, making it a truly enriching journey that I will always cherish.

Q2.As the founder of Bhanushali Studios Limited, what vision did you have for the studio, and how has it evolved since its inception?

When we initiated the studio, our focus was on selecting a diverse range of compelling stories to kickstart our journey. The primary aim was to narrate tales that resonated with every Indian. This led to projects like "Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai", "Janhit Mein Jaari", and most recently, "Mai Atal Hu". We were steadfast in our commitment to showcasing Indian narratives that struck a chord with the audience.

Our mantra was simple – find actors who could breathe life into the characters, embodying them with authenticity. Fortunately, we were blessed with stories that were not only appreciated but also received immense love from the audience. "Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai" even earned us accolades within just two years of its release, serving as a significant morale boost for me and my team.

Q3.Hitz Music is a notable venture of yours. Could you discuss the role of music in films and how Hitz Music contributes to the music industry?

My music journey has traversed through the era of audio cassettes and CDs to the era of complete digitization. The emergence of YouTube in 2006 marked a significant shift, propelling us to the number one spot alongside T-series. In the music business, artists are at the heart of everything. Through my experiences, I've come to understand that a music label serves as a facilitator, leveraging its knowledge of audience tastes to ensure that songs reach potential buyers through various channels.

When we embarked on establishing Hitz Music, our vision was clear – to create a platform for artists, composers, and singers. It's been just two years since our inception, and our aspiration is to support a plethora of music genres. Currently, our focus lies on film and indie music, but there's immense potential in devotional and other genres waiting to be tapped.

As a manager, I believe in empowering artists to showcase their potential to the public. With the ease of releasing music on streaming sites, the process has become more accessible. Gone are the days of requiring elaborate plans, big studios, and distribution networks. Now, artists can record from the comfort of their homes.

However, amidst the vast sea of songs uploaded daily on YouTube and streaming platforms, not all resonate with the audience. This is where a label or manager plays a pivotal role – identifying quality work, investing time and resources in its promotion, and ensuring it reaches the right audience. It's about discerning what will truly connect with listeners and guiding artists accordingly.

Q4.With radio and TV undergoing significant revamps to stay competitive, how do you see this influencing the music industry?

In the past, television stood as the primary audiovisual medium, wielding significant influence in promoting various content. Radio, though somewhat overshadowed, experienced a resurgence, only to be eclipsed by the digital era. Today, digital platforms reign supreme, offering unparalleled convenience as audiences seek to consume content on their own terms.

The decline in sales of physical cassettes and CDs reflects this digital shift. Previously, purchasing music required effort and expenditure, but now, with platforms like YouTube, music is readily available at no cost, catering to the modern consumer's desire for convenience. Digitization has widened the scope, allowing listeners to access music anytime, anywhere, and follow their favorite artists effortlessly.

Q5.In what ways can music labels benefit from the changes and innovations happening in traditional media platforms?

The digital landscape empowers artists to cultivate their own communities. Platforms like Spotify provide invaluable insights, revealing data on song popularity, audience demographics, and geographic reach. Armed with this information, artists can tailor their promotional efforts to target specific regions or demographics effectively.

Moreover, digital platforms offer real-time feedback, allowing artists to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. By analyzing trends and engagement metrics, artists and labels can refine their approach to attract and retain listeners.

Compared to traditional television and linear media, digital feeds offer unparalleled benefits for artists and labels. They provide a direct line of communication with fans, enabling personalized interactions and fostering a sense of community. In essence, the digital landscape serves as a fertile ground for artists to thrive and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

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