Transforming Branding Through Sound And Music - The Power Of MOGO

By Ojasvi Kapoor
October 09, 2023
Transforming Branding Through Sound And Music - The Power Of MOGO

Rajeev Raja is the innovative force behind BrandMusiq, a trailblazing company reshaping the branding landscape through the art of sound and music. At the heart of BrandMusiq's philosophy lies the concept of MOGO, a powerful connection between brands and consumers.

We recently spoke to Raja to get his unique insights, unravel the intricacies of MOGO, and gain valuable glimpses into the future of branding through sound.

Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Could you explain the concept of MOGO or 'musical logo' and how it plays a role in branding? What are some notable examples of brands that have successfully integrated musical logos into their identity?

As previously mentioned, a Mogo serves as the culmination, a sonic scape, encapsulating what we refer to as a MogoScape. Nestled within this soundscape is the Mogo itself. A Mogo represents the shortest path connecting a brand to a consumer's heart. Over time, a Mogo should unlock the entire spectrum of emotions and imagery associated with the brand, all without the need for any visual cues. Upon hearing the Mogo, when strategically and cleverly utilized, it triggers a Pavlovian effect. Each time it resonates, the brand's colors should spring to life in one's mind, and the brand's feeling or emotion should stir in one's heart. This is the power of a Mogo, but it demands meticulous management, tracking, and judicious use across what we term as "ear points," which are essentially audio touchpoints.

Notable examples of brands that have adeptly integrated musical logos include Mastercard. Brand Musiq crafted their global sonic identity, seamlessly weaving the Mogo, even incorporating a mini-Mogo for various payment interactions. They've successfully integrated the entire sonic identity system, including the MogoScape, into a wide array of creative endeavors, under the guidance of their Chief Marketing Officer, Raja Manath. It has become a shining example of how sonic branding should be executed.

Having a sonic identity is one thing, but using it effectively and to its maximum impact is another. Mastercard has executed this brilliantly. Over the years, we've all heard the sonic identities of brands like Britannia, Titan, and Airtel, each consisting of larger musical pieces. However, there is potential for these brands to explore Mogos that can emerge from these musical identities. The first global example of sonic branding was Intel, referred to as a sonic logo, though we call it a Mogo because we believe that a Mogo should have a musical element. Mere sound does not suffice; it's music that truly evokes emotions. Therefore, we refer to our musical logo as a Mogo.

Q2.What is the process you and your team follow when developing a musical identity for a brand? How do you ensure that the sound aligns with the brand's values and resonates with its target audience?

When we embarked on the journey of starting BrandMusiq, one of our pivotal decisions was to establish a robust process. Music, as we know, can often appear as a mysterious black box, making it challenging for non-musicians to analyze and provide feedback. However, when brand owners and managers need to arrive at a decision regarding music that aligns with their brand, it must be an objective rather than a subjective choice. To address this challenge, we set out to create a process that empowers brand owners to fully grasp the rationale behind our musical choices.

Our process consists of three distinct stages. The initial stage, which we refer to as "brand discovery," involves delving deep into understanding the brand's essence, envisioning it as if it were a human being, and identifying the specific rasas or emotions it aims to evoke. Once we've established this foundation, we leverage the Science of Sound and the principles of ragas to craft sonic expressions that seamlessly align with the brand's personality, values, and desired emotional resonance. While creating music is undoubtedly crucial, what truly sets us apart is our ability to systematize it into a comprehensive framework—a sonic identity system.

Once we've comprehensively understood the brand and crafted the appropriate sound, we proceed to systematize it into what we call a "mogoscape," which encompasses the Mogo itself, and even a mini-Mogo. After receiving approval for this sonic identity system, our journey continues by amplifying it across numerous "earpoints." These earpoints represent the various touch points where a brand's sound can be experienced, and it often surprises brand owners when we unveil the multitude of possibilities for their auditory brand presence.

At BrandMusiq, our process commences with brand discovery, progresses to sonic mapping, where we present initial sound sketches, and culminates in the final sonic identity system, followed by strategic amplification across an array of earpoints.

Q3.In your opinion, how do you see the role of sound and music evolving in the world of branding and marketing in the coming years?

An increasing number of marketing leaders are recognizing the profound impact and dimension that sound introduces to their brands. Consequently, it's no longer solely about possessing a visual identity, a logo, and a set of colors that symbolize your brand; it's also about establishing a sonic identity, complete with a Mogo and a sonic palette that authentically represents your brand.

In the present day, the count of brands equipped with a sonic identity is on the rise. This growth has been exponential over the past two or three years. However, there will come a time when every brand will possess both a logo and a Mogo, and I eagerly anticipate that day. Given the rapid pace at which sonic branding is gaining traction, I believe it's not too far in the future.

Q4.What advice would you give to aspiring musicians or sound professionals looking to enter the field of sonic branding and music for advertising?

Well, I believe it presents a fantastic career avenue, especially for musicians who possess a touch of brand sensibility. Consider this: many of our music directors in the advertising industry are already crafting exceptional jingles. If they were to further refine their sensibilities and embark on the journey of creating brand sounds, it could herald a significant breakthrough. We extend an open invitation for them to reach out to us, explore potential career opportunities at BrandMusiq, and be part of this burgeoning field. We are eager to contribute to the growth of this market and uncover its potential. In my view, it's an incredibly thrilling era for both musicians and sound engineers, as the realm of sonic branding represents an entirely new frontier.

Q5.Tell us about your experience and insights gained from your collaboration with Vivo, and how Brand Musiq's approach to creating a unique sonic brand identity sets it apart from other branding agencies in the industry?

Our collaboration with Vivo has been nothing short of fantastic. We had the privilege of working closely with their marketing team, who not only comprehended our vision but also provided unwavering support throughout our journey to create Vivo's distinctive sound. What makes this endeavor particularly thrilling is that the sonic identity we've crafted won't merely find a place in their television advertisements and content but will also be seamlessly integrated into their phones as alerts and notifications. This, to the best of our knowledge, marks a pioneering step in the industry. It highlights that our efforts go beyond branding; they extend into utility, enhancing the user experience through what one might call "sonic haptics," if such a term exists. This innovation is poised to assist consumers in navigating their phones more effectively, all stemming from the brand's sonic identity system, seamlessly integrated into the phones.

At BrandMusiq, we possess a unique blend of expertise in both branding and marketing, setting us apart from traditional branding agencies. Our distinctive approach arises from our background not only in branding but also in the world of music. This fusion of knowledge and experience allows us to offer a perspective and capabilities that are truly one-of-a-kind.

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