From Passion To Purpose: Kamakshi And Vishala's Entrepreneurial Impact On Music Education

By Ojasvi Kapoor
February 28, 2024
From Passion To Purpose: Kamakshi And Vishala's Entrepreneurial Impact On Music Education

In 2010, Kamakshi and Vishala Khurana embarked on an extraordinary journey by founding 'The Sound Space,as a remarkable institution in the realm of sound. Within its walls, they passionately engage with individuals of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds, fostering music education and nurturing a sense of unity through shared musical experiences.

The inception of The Sound Space represents the culmination of the Khurana sisters' musical upbringing and their profound desire to integrate music into the lives of all. What began as an experimental venture to explore music's transformative power has blossomed into a thriving enterprise, enriching lives through diverse avenues of musical expression.

In an exclusive chat with they talk about the importance of music education and about The Sound Space.

Here are edited excerpts:

Q1.Can you elaborate on the potential impact TSS on Wheels can have on communities and individuals, particularly those who may face barriers to accessing music education?

This initiative essentially brings music education rights to the doorstep of children who otherwise lack access to it. Additionally, even for those who do have access, it can often be challenging to engage due to logistical issues like transportation and parental availability. By offering classes directly in their neighborhood, we remove these barriers and make music education more accessible. This means fewer absences and greater participation overall, maximising the impact of the program.

Q2.How did the partnership with Book a Smile come about, and what motivated the focus on providing music education to students in government schools and NGOs?

The partnership with Book a Smile came about during discussions about the Bus program. They expressed a desire to bring music education to students who already showed an interest in music. As we were already running some choirs, they decided to support the program from that point onward.

Music education has been a part of these NGOs for quite some time through our efforts. However, this particular program is more focused because it targets children who are already inclined toward music. It's not for all students in the classroom, but specifically for those who have chosen music as an extracurricular activity. They attend these sessions outside of regular school hours to further their musical studies.

Q3.Could you share some key achievements or milestones that highlight the impact of The Sound Space in promoting music education?

Some key achievements and milestones that highlight the impact of The Sound Space in promoting music education include students performing alongside various corporates such as Tata and other organisations, at events like the Lokmat Awards (Maharashtrian of the Year Awards). These performances provide students with valuable opportunities to showcase their talents to diverse audiences. Additionally, our annual concerts draw multiple from various backgrounds, offering students a platform to display their skills to a wider audience.

Q4.How does The Sound Space align its broader mission with current needs and challenges in the field of music education?

The Sound Space aligns its broader mission with current needs and challenges in the field of music education by introducing world music to children, particularly through collaborations with NGOs. While many programs focus on Western music, we recognise the importance of incorporating Indian music, something that resonates deeply with the students.

Our approach emphasises a balance between Indian Music and Western music, providing students with a holistic musical education. We aim to use music as a means for students to connect with themselves and express their thoughts and emotions freely.

This aspect is crucial in the field of music education, as music serves as a powerful tool for self-expression and personal connection. We design our lessons to facilitate this connection so that students are encouraged to not only learn music as a subject but also to explore it as an art form that allows them to express themselves authentically.

Q5.Are there specific plans for expansion or collaborations that you can share, and how do these contribute to the organisation's mission?

We have plans for expansion, particularly with The Sound Space on Wheels program in Pune and Mumbai. We aim to introduce two new buses in each city, expanding our reach and impact within the next two to three months.

In terms of collaborations, our upcoming show, Jugalbandi, scheduled for April, will feature performances by students from these NGOs. The idea of these programs also involves training teachers from the community and integrating them into the community to teach music.

However, the pace of our expansion depends on securing funding and support from various stakeholders.

Q6.Can you share a specific success story that exemplifies the positive outcomes of The Sound Space's programs?

One particularly inspiring success story involves a student from the Simla Nagar Basti community. Initially, we provided her with music education and support. Over time, she not only pursued her passion for music but also became a teacher herself. Now, she earns a good salary, supports her family, and continues to follow her musical aspirations professionally. It's truly a beautiful success story that highlights the transformative impact of our programs.

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