Bridging The Sonic Divide: Soundmaps Vision For Music Makers

By Loudest Team
November 17, 2023
Bridging The Sonic Divide: Soundmaps Vision For Music Makers

Global Music Institute (GMI) and Toto Funds the Arts (TFA) are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated "Soundmaps" event, scheduled for Sunday, November 26th, 2023, at the Bangalore International Centre. This collaborative endeavor brings together the musical world's best in a celebration of knowledge sharing, capacity building, and networking. 

About the event 

Soundmaps - Bangalore Edition is a remarkable occasion that holds a significant milestone for GMI and TFA. It combines GMI's debut industry event in Bengaluru with TFA's grand 20th-year celebration, creating a unique synergy that promises a diverse range of workshops, engaging panel discussions, and captivating performances. This one-day extravaganza is set to be an unforgettable experience for musicians, music enthusiasts, and industry professionals. 

The event caters to a wide audience, welcoming aspiring and seasoned musicians, professionals from the music industry, and representatives from various organisations. Soundmaps is designed to provide a dynamic platform for forging connections and enriching the musical journey of artists, be they independent, emerging, or established. 


Soundmaps stands out with its unique approach. It is not just about theoretical knowledge. It focuses on equipping participants with practical insights and skills that can be immediately applied to advance careers in the music industry. The event's schedule is packed with valuable content: 

- Song Diaries: Behind the Music (Workshop): Singer-songwriters reveal their inspiration, techniques, and personal stories, offering an intimate glimpse into their creative process. Panelists: Aditi Ramesh, Frizzell D’souza, and Vasu Dixit 

Moderator: Aditya Balani 

- Tech Talks: Exploring Music and Technology (Panel): Gain unique insights into the powerful synergy between music and technology as panelists share their visions and experiences at the forefront of this transformative intersection. 

Panelists: Nitish Chachra (Musifie), Mansoor Rahimat Khan (Beatoven), and Rohan Nesho Jain (MADverse) 

Moderator: Sandhya Surendran (BTG Advaya) 

- Art of Music Placement: Music for Visual Media (Panel): Discover the synergy between melodies and visuals, uncover music placement strategies, and explore music's impact on the cinematic and streaming world.

Panelists: Anurag Shanker, Harsh Tokas (Dibbl), and Malini Hariharan 

Moderator: Jishnu Dasgupta (Swarathma) 

- The Artist's Toolkit: Building, Branding, and Beyond (Panel): Delve deep into the multifaceted world of artists as we uncover the full spectrum of the artist's journey. Panelists: Anurag Tagat (Rolling Stone), Prarthana Sen (Neon Culture), and Tanish Thakker (Amplify Music) 

Moderator: Manojna Yeluri (Artistik Licence) 

The day kicks off with the engaging Songwriting Circle Workshop, setting the tone for an enriching experience. Three insightful panel discussions follow, providing unique perspectives on the music industry. After the panels, participants and esteemed panelists will have ample opportunities to network and connect, fostering collaborations and shared experiences. 

A unique feature of Soundmaps is the one-on-one chat sessions with select panelists, creating a dynamic speed jam session for deeper interactions. To cap off the evening, two past Toto award winners will take the stage to share their remarkable songs and the captivating stories behind them, providing a perfect ending to this extraordinary day. 

Soundmaps is more than just a music conference; it's a celebration of the art and industry, a platform for learning, and an opportunity to connect with the best in the business. Mark your calendars for November 26, 2023, and join us at the Bangalore International Centre for a day of music, knowledge, and networking. 

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