YouTube Expands 'Music AI Incubator' To Japan: Pioneering Collaboration In The Land Of Innovation

By Loudest Team
March 27, 2024
YouTube Expands 'Music AI Incubator' To Japan: Pioneering Collaboration In The Land Of Innovation

In August of last year, YouTube made waves by announcing the launch of a 'Music AI Incubator' aimed at testing new AI-powered music tools and technologies. Their inaugural partner was Universal Music Group, which enlisted a steering group of artists and producers to guide the initiative's direction.

Now, this pioneering venture is extending its reach to Japan. Alongside UMG's local division, another key player has joined forces: Crypton Future Media. While unfamiliar to many in the West, Crypton Future Media is best known for its creation of Hatsune Miku, an iconic avatar pop star introduced in 2007. Over the past fifteen years, Crypton has propelled Hatsune Miku to streaming and stadium-filling success.

In this expansion, Crypton Future Media will gain early access to Lyria, a cutting-edge music-generation model developed by Google's DeepMind AI division. According to a blog post from YouTube Japan, Lyria empowers users to produce high-quality, harmonious music with customizable instruments and vocals. Users can manipulate various parameters, such as style and performance, by simply inputting their ideas into the platform's prompts. This includes blending genres, transforming beats into melodies, and orchestrating vocals.

The prospect of witnessing the creative potential of the minds behind Hatsune Miku, in collaboration with UMG, utilizing Lyria is certainly captivating. It opens doors to innovative possibilities in the realm of AI-driven music production and artistic expression.

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