Collective Artists’ Network elevates it's platform Big Bang Social

By Loudest Team
October 20, 2022
Collective Artists’ Network elevates it's platform Big Bang Social

Collective Artists Network has announced a major upgrade for its organized creator marketplace, Big Bang Social. As a part of the scaling up, new tech features and services will now be made available to meet both creator and brand needs. The platform will now offer licensed products which brands can subscribe to in line with the upgrade.

For the brand's side, this model will enable sustained engagement with a curated list of creators from more than 120k creators on the platform. The product upgrade includes unique features including easy connection and seamless messaging to influencers through WhatsApp, email or call directly through the platform. Another standout feature for brands is that multiple campaigns can now be seamlessly integrated across several platforms as part of the subscription model. In the discovery phase, brands will receive strategy support to search for the right audiences, map new creators and review ideal platform recommendations depending on campaign briefs.

With the help of a data analytics dashboard, brands will get access to a deep insight tracking mechanism and a recommendation engine. Owing to the highly dynamic nature of the creator industry, a dedicated consultative team will handhold brands and agencies to adapt to the process and offer offline support. Special access like trials and surveys of tastemakers of a category, i.e. the influencers, will be made possible. Through Big Bang Social various qualitative and quantitative feedback from creators can be organized which will help brands develop better products and campaigns.

Speaking on the launch of this new feature, Vijay Subramaniam – CEO – Collective Artists Network said, “We wanted to go beyond just offering a database of influencers and brokering. Collective has a wealth of experience in identifying and incubating talent which we felt could be effectively applied to the creator ecosystem. To be able to do justice to such a large and evolving market and capitalize on the potential of the creator economy, we need to bring in structure, sharpen focus and introduce effective processes on both the creator and the brand's end.”

As a part of its new elevation strategy, Big Bang Social will help creators build their brand on three pillars namely Content Experiences, Monetization and Upskilling. Creators will get access to online training, learning and masterclasses from industry leaders in a convenient way. Out of around 8cr Indian creators, only about 1.5 lakh can monetize their services effectively which makes up for less than 0.2 per cent as per a report by Kaalari Capital. Big Bang Social is working towards changing this reality by providing support to monetize assets and increase revenue streams for creator businesses.

Big Bang Social aims to streamline India’s largely unorganized creator economy using a tech-first approach. Several need gaps like finding the right creators, gathering data, measurement and analytics exist in the industry. For creators, a lack of support to hone their skills, the need for better representation and unfettered access to opportunities are still tricky. Big Bang Social aims to fill these need gaps by bringing creators and marketers together with the ease of swift discovery, transparent costs and real-time connection with the relevant parameters for an effective brand campaign.

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