Believe India in collaboration with Manzil Mystics launches "The BEAMS Project"

By Loudest Team
November 21, 2022
Believe India in collaboration with Manzil Mystics launches "The BEAMS Project"

Believe, one of the world’s leading digital music companies, is delighted to announce a new partnership in India with Manzil Mystics to launch BEAMS - "Believe for Educational Advancement through Music Scholarship." The project is a part of Believe's global corporate social responsibility strategy, "Shaping Music for Good," which aims to develop and upskill regional talent.

BEAMS, a Believe’s brainchild is a means-plus-merit-based livelihood project that provides two years of steadfast financial assistance, training, and mentoring to aspiring and talented musicians from lower socioeconomic backgrounds so they can launch successful careers in the music industry. In addition to accomplishing two objectives at once—giving exceptional artists a platform and introducing them to the music industry—this initiative also showcases Believe’s values of expertise, respect, transparency, and fairness to guide its actions as part of its CSR effort, ‘Shaping Music for Good’, with the goal of fostering a more resilient and inclusive music industry.

Through fellowships, internships, and mentoring, BEAMS will offer courses that educate students about the music industry. 10 fellowship students between the ages of 18 and 25 have been chosen to carry out community initiatives, with the help of this fellowship, involving more than 4000 children in Delhi over the course of two years by organizing music workshops in 25 schools.

While the Delhi Education Board's SoSE has suggested a number of themes for the approved curriculum, they will explore them as facilitators through music (School of Specialized Excellence). These students will graduate with the training and tools necessary to pursue a reliable and sustainable career in music.

Vivek Raina, Managing Director - Believe India said, "Believe has always been dedicated to promoting music in all forms and mediums, with outreach initiatives being focused on the global CSR approach, "Shaping Music for Good," which supports our culture and values. As professionals in the field, working with Manzil Mystics on this initiative is exciting because it allows us to support and make the necessary adjustments to the concept of a formal curriculum that prepares students for careers in the music business. Our program is intended to create an inclusive and diverse world, and we look forward to a beneficial relationship."

Anurag Hoon, Co-Founder and CEO, Manzil Mystics adds, "Music is an essential component of everyone's lives, and music and education are our areas of expertise. BEAMS is in sync with everything Manzil Mystics stands for, thus I am really thrilled to work with them. We have a fantastic opportunity to provide all the excellent musicians a stage and a chance. I have no doubt that it will be used to its fullest ability and confident that in two years, we'll see these same individuals in a refreshed and new form.” 

Manzil Mystics is a recognized non-profit organization with its headquarters in Delhi. For the past seven years, it has worked in the areas of education, music, and development while utilizing music as a tool for social change. Working with underprivileged partner schools and communities, they conduct seminars on topics including gender education, spoken English, reproductive health, menstrual cleanliness, and life skills through song. Their views and ideas coincide with those of BEAMS, ensuring the success of the program.

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