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Punjabi Music's Global Impact Through Business, Film, And Fashion

Punjabi Music's Global Impact Through Business, Film, And Fashion

They say nothing succeeds like Success.And it applies to the rise & rise of Punjabi music over the years. From regional to national and last few years to the global stage. 

Today the line ups at the international Coachella and other festivals, trending playlists on streaming platforms, programming on music channels & radio stations and the frenzy at the live events are all proof enough.

Punjabi music is and always has been amalgamating traditional folk to contemporary sounds and the results have just been pure magic! Bhangra, Pop, Hip Hop, melody.. its all there.  

With  powerful vocals and performances of legends like Gurdas Maan, Malkit Singh, Hans Raj Hans, Surjit Bindrakhia amongst hundreds of others, for decades this region of India has given India the music talent very few regions can match.

Transitioning beautifully over the decades and ensuring there is something for all age groups across the globe, Punjabi music today stands very tall with dynamic and trending music by Diljit Dosanjh, AP Dhillon, Guru Randhawa, Hardy Sandhu, Honey Singh, Jassie Gill, B Praak and so many more not to forget Sidhu Moosewala with his live wire sound.

These boys growing up were exposed to the traditional sounds and folk music of the region and at the same time were consuming the best music the world has to offer.  They were smart enough to create sounds that work across the canvas. And its no mean feat.

It's no surprise then, today they rule the stage and the charts. Not only in India but across the world. Hundreds, even when some dont understand the lyrics, the sound and the energy of this music makes them go wild in the clubs of even remote Europe. 

What better export can we think of creatively.Bollywood with hundreds of its superhit Punjabi songs, has and continues to play a vital role in ensuring Punjabi music stands where it stands today.

The mundas and gabroos of the Punjabi music are no less when it comes to upping the fashion game too. Years back from the very distinctive  and colourful style of Amar Singh Chamkila and Turbanator Daler Mehndi with his unique fashion to the very trending styles of AP Dhillon and Diljit Dosajh.

There is no stopping these guys. Punjabi music is here to rule for a long time to come.Musically and business wise too.

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