Snapchat Introduces New Audio Recommendations And Music Sync Features

By Loudest Team
February 24, 2023
Snapchat Introduces New Audio Recommendations And Music Sync Features

Snapchat, the popular instant messaging app recently introduced two new features - 'Sounds Recommendations for Lenses' and 'Sounds Sync for Camera Roll' aimed at helping content creators on the platform.

As the name suggests, 'Sounds Recommendation for Lenses' is a feature developed for Snapchat's Augmented Reality filters called Lenses and lets users find sounds which complement the lens used. When users apply a lens to a photo or video, they will be able to tap the sounds icon which opens up a list of relevant sounds which can be added to the media.

The second feature called 'Sounds Sync for Camera Roll' automatically syncs the uploaded media such as photos or videos to the beat of the music when users make a montage. It supports from four to twenty photos and videos and is useful for those who want to make content on trending challenges or audio.

Both features are currently available in the United States and Snapchat has announced that they will be available worldwide on both iOS and Android devices sometime in March this year.

Snapchat will now allow iOS users to add music to their snaps: How it  works- Technology News, Firstpost

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