Roland TR-808 has been inducted into the NAMM Hall of Fame

By Loudest Team
February 03, 2020
Roland TR-808 has been inducted into the NAMM Hall of Fame
Rare electronic musical instruments are as iconic as Roland’s TR-808, so it seems entirely fitting that this is one of the newest products to be inducted into the NAMM TECnology Hall of Fame. You might think why it took so long - is the 808 any less notable than Line 6’s POD, which has been in the Hall of Fame since 2018? - but at least Roland’s classic drum machine has now taken its rightful place. Commenting on the induction of TR-808, this year’s judging panel said: “Roland’s TR-808 programmable drum machine became part of the foundation of music movements in hip-hop, rap and electronica. And although made in 1980 - almost 40 years ago - the once $1,200 TR-808 remains a highly-prized studio tool today, with working units valued in the $4,000 range.” The 808 has transcended the music production world to become a cultural symbol, having been referenced in songs, album titles and band names. If you want an 808 today, Roland offers both a digital hardware emulation, the TR-08, and a plugin version on the Roland Cloud.

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