Most Prominent Music Tech Start-ups in India

By Ankit Chugh
June 06, 2018
Most Prominent Music Tech Start-ups in India
Music and technology are profoundly and irreversibly connected. Trends like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Blockchain, and bots are the latest innovations making waves in the music technology landscape, but artists, digital media brands, and record companies don’t necessarily need to understand these concepts in depth to take advantage of their potential. Technology innovation has played an essential role in the music industry ecosystem. From discussing a brand new artist’s strategy for trying to get noticed in the business to analyzing the staggering complexities of revising the manner in which royalties are collected and distributed, tech solutions are always a big part of the conversation. Thanks to these technological innovations, we’ve already witnessed massive shifts in the music industry. The increasing integration of AI and voice tech in a multitude of applications illustrates technology’s potential for long-term growth in the music business, while the industry’s yearning for a better way to manage royalties indicates the great importance in developing tech solutions to solve this global quandary. Fortunately, many innovative startups are working diligently to develop exciting tech tools that will have a significant impact on the Indian music industry in the coming period.
Param Arunachalam, a former Infosys employee, founded Mavrix. Mavrix has a single goal – to be India’s most prominent music discovery engine. The core team of Mavrix also created, which according to them, has the most diverse range of any guide to Bollywood music as well as non-film music. It is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. Their database also includes artist biographies, award information, and credits.
Saavn hardly needs any introduction in the Indian market considering it is one of the most successful music startups. The company was founded in 2007 by Rishi Malhotra, Paramdeep Singh, and Vinodh Bhat and over the years has acquired rights to over seven million music tracks. Saavn’s signature offerings are Saavn Pro,, Saavn music for iPhone, Saavn music for Android, and Saavn Radio.
A platform for independent artists and bands, Kroomsa is a music startup based out of New Delhi. A portal through which Artists can upload their music which is then available for download and online streaming. Founded by Paras Chopra, Kroomsa lets you showcase your talent to the world, and also helps you get advertising. The platform gives away 20 percent of its ad revenue to NGOs, 40 percent to the artist or the band, and keeps 20 percent for itself.
It is a music streaming platform built on the blockchain that supports the creation, distribution, and consumption of music in a shared economy. Listeners can stream songs from independent musicians on their platform, while musicians are compensated more fairly than significant music streaming platforms in the industry. It promises to be an advert-free music streaming service where artists can upload and manage their content, connect with their fans, sell merchandise and earn transparently, while fans can make money by curating playlists and verifying music on their platform.
From Mug To Mike
Founded by Sunil Koshy, a trained singer as well as a techie, he aims to pave a new road for potential singers with his startup. He conducts workshops where participants are given the opportunity to record at high-end studios. Furthermore, a detailed analysis is provided to participants that highlight the areas that need improvement. These promising startups are just a small sample of the many innovators working on developing new tech solutions to meet the needs of the evolving music business. Technology and music are increasingly intertwined, allowing for deeper engagement, enhanced discovery, and a better industry for us all. Music Inc. is a conference that aimed at finding solutions on how to improve the packaging of music as a product by aligning it to media, advertising, brands, and technology. The conference is a push towards a collaborative effort for creating innovative music experiences.    Click here to know more and register for early bird tickets:

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