Dubler Studio Kit Can Turn Your Voice Into A MIDI Controller

By Loudest Team
January 12, 2020
Dubler Studio Kit Can Turn Your Voice Into A MIDI Controller

After there successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, Vochlea Music has started shipping the Dubler Studio Kit, a real-time vocal MIDI controller. This lets you sing melodic and rhythmic phrases and have them instantly turned into MIDI data that can be played back by your favourite plugins in your DAW.

There’s obvious potential here - particularly if you can’t play an instrument - and as well as letting you create the likes of melodies and beats, you can also use Dubler to manipulate effects and filters by making specific sounds. We’re told that you can train your voice to work with Dubler in 60 seconds.


The Dubler Studio Kit comprises both software - a Mac and PC application that promises to work with any DAW - and a low-latency custom USB mic that’s designed specifically for use with it. Pre-orders for the second wave of shipments are being taken now - the price is $325/£250 and you should hopefully receive your kit in February.

Find out more on the Vochlea Music website.

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