Meta Unleashes AudioCraft: A Revolutionary AI Tool For Musical Innovation

By Loudest Team
August 03, 2023
Meta Unleashes AudioCraft: A Revolutionary AI Tool For Musical Innovation

In a groundbreaking move that could revolutionize the music industry, Meta, the tech conglomerate formerly known as Facebook, has recently introduced "AudioCraft," an innovative generative AI tool designed to push the boundaries of music creation. Meta's relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology has now extended to the realm of music, promising to empower artists and creators to explore new dimensions of creativity. With AudioCraft, Meta aims to enable musicians and producers to harness the potential of artificial intelligence to craft unique, inspiring, and awe-inspiring musical compositions.

Meta unveiled the AudioCraft AI tool that generates high-quality, realistic audio and music from text. AudioCraft consists of three models: MusicGen, AudioGen and EnCodec. MusicGen, which was trained with Meta-owned and specifically licensed music, generates music from text prompts, while AudioGen, which was trained on public sound effects, generates audio from text prompts. Meta has now released an improved version of EnCodec decoder, which allows higher quality music generation with fewer artifacts. 

The company is also releasing pre-trained AudioGen models, which let you generate environmental sounds and sound effects like a dog barking, cars honking, or footsteps on a wooden floor. And lastly, the company is sharing all of the AudioCraft model weights and code.

Generating high-fidelity audio of any kind requires modeling complex signals and patterns at varying scales. Music is arguably the most challenging type of audio to generate as it’s composed of local and long-range patterns, from a suite of notes to a global musical structure with multiple instruments. The AudioCraft family of models are capable of producing high-quality audio with long-term consistency, and they’re easy to use. 

AudioCraft works for music, sound, compression, and generation — all in the same place. Because it’s easy to build on and reuse, people who want to build better sound generators, compression algorithms, or music generators can do it all in the same code base and build on top of what others have done.

Meta's AudioCraft stands as a testament to the potential of AI technology to elevate creative expression to new heights. By merging cutting-edge AI capabilities with the artistic flair of musicians, AudioCraft provides a platform for boundless innovation in the realm of music creation. With this revolutionary tool at their disposal, artists worldwide can delve into uncharted musical territories, unlocking new possibilities for the enjoyment and appreciation of audiences everywhere.

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