BrandMusiq creates an inspiring sonic identity for SBI Life Insurance

BrandMusiq creates an inspiring sonic identity for SBI Life Insurance

BrandMusiq, a global sonic branding agency,has developed a brand-new sonic identity for SBI Life Insurance. Recognized as pioneers in designing a unique brand process to create a sonic identity, BrandMusiq created the MOGO® (‘musical logo’) and the MOGOSCAPE® (sonic palette) of the SBI Life.

Over the years, SBI Life driven by a customer-first approach has served millions of families across the country with its diverse range of insurance solutions ranging across protection, pension, savings and health. Moving forward as the company embarks on the next phase of its growth journey with a focus to continuously enhance consumer experience, the brand has developed a sonic identity aimed at being happy for the new beginning of life, believing in self and finding new ways to liberate oneself in pursuit for larger dreams and aspirations.

Speaking on the brand’s new sonic identity, Mr. Ravindra Sharma, Chief of. Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR, SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd. said, “Today consumers have realised that insurance forms the very foundation of any sound financial plan, which safeguards families in difficult times. SBI Life’s new sonic identity plays on this realisation and the intrinsic need of consumers to financially safeguard their families, to ensure that they stay in a joyful mode. The sonic identity beautifully captures and blends the core emotions that the brand evokes; inspirational, joyful, caring and empathetic. We hope that SBI Life’s new sonic identity inspires individuals to liberate themselves in pursuit of their dreams, by securing the needs and aspirations of their loved ones.”

 Speaking on the sonic approach for the identity, Rajeev Raja, Founder & Soundsmith, BrandMusiq said, “We use the science of sound and music to evoke the brand’s desired persona and emotions. Our insights worked really well on the brand. Complementing the brands image, we created a caring and empathetic sound, balancing that with a feeling of joy and inspiration in the choice of the melody and the rhythm. At, BrandMusiq we always try to bring out the soul of the brand in the sound to create recognition as well as a strong emotional bond with the brand”

Over the years, BrandMusiq has successfully unlocked sound opportunities for consumer brands to create a long-lasting emotional association with their audiences across a multitude of ‘earpoints or ‘audio touchpoints’.

By applying their time-tested process, the company has developed sonic identities that connect with consumers at a deeper, more subliminal level. BrandMusiq has created and MasterCard Global, Unilever, HDFC Bank, Vistara Airlines, Zomato, Raymond, Kraft, Nestle, Blue Band, MG Motors, Reliance Petroleum, and many other brands

BrandMusiq has recently launched BrandMusiq Labs, to study the fundamental nature of sound and its effect on human beings at an emotional, physiological and neurological level. It will conduct sonic experiments, create sonic experiences, and engage in conversation with leading practitioners in marketing, sonic branding, behavioural sciences, and musicologists.

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