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MC Altaf teams up with Zaeden and Shah Rule with latest track ‘Samjhe Na

By Loudest Team
September 26, 2022
MC Altaf teams up with Zaeden and Shah Rule with latest track ‘Samjhe Na

Rapper Altaf Shaikh, who goes by the stage name MC Altaf and known for his famous ‘Gully Boy’ teams up with the most reputed artists of this generation- Zaeden and Shah Rule with latest track ‘Samjhe Na’ on Gully Gang in association with Believe Artist Services.

The track explores the common pain of how the ever-demanding lives of these artists leave a huge void in their personal relationships. It echoes about how fame and their careers have intertwined with their love lives and created a confusing cocktail of emotions. The trio sings about navigating through this maze as their career progresses.

MC Altaf and Zaeden came fresh off their respective tours where they performed the track to some incredible response from the live audience. As a result, the musicians have merged their respective styles beautifully as Zaeden brings in his soothing voice, Altaf his deep lyrics and Shah Rule his addictive melodies and wordplay.

This groovy and musical number has a feel-good vibe with Stunnah’s easy-going and fresh beat, perfect for long drives, road trips or even an evening stroll. MC Altaf and Shah Rule lay their verses delicately on the beat, and Zaeden voices the hook beautifully, making the track sound flawless.

 MC Altaf, who is an artist with Believe Artist Service Development (ASD), says, “Samjhe Na is the result of my deliberate attempt to branch out to new sounds. I feel like the hiphop scene is currently focussing on pure rap whereas there’s a lot more that we as writers can give to the listeners. Hence, I collaborated with a singer in Zaeden and a rapper with R&B sensibilities in Shah Rule. More than rap, ‘Samjhe Na’ is a complete song which caters to everyone including the female audience.”

On the launch, Zaeden says, "I think it’s rare the way this record has shaped up. Every artist featuring on this track has a unique sound that they bring to life. Its soulful storytelling infused with an easy-going beat is perfect for any vibe."

On the other hand, Shah Rule adds, “Samjhe Na captures an unspoken animosity built between an artist on the road and their love interest. Zaeden smoothly summarizes this feeling with the hook while MC Altaf and I dive a little deeper into personal situations. In a modern-day world run by smartphones, a few missed calls and being left on read can be blown out of proportion with the heart is involved which can be translated on screen with our visuals and in our lyrics. The song for me gives off the vibe of an easy-going melancholic love song but under the soulful guitars and hard-hitting drums, the tone is deep rooted in the quarrels between lovers divided by time and distance.”

Shilpa Sharda, Director, Artist Service Development, Believe India, says, “Believe has always kept ‘art over anything’ and gone that extra mile to collaborate with artists. This collaboration only reverberates the same. It's so enthralling to see such prominent artists of this generation come together to create something great collectively while keeping their individual signature styles alive. We really wish that the song reaches the audience, and they show love to this experiment.”

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