JUNGLE’s s Latest Campaign “Jiggle Wiggle” Celebrates The Massive Influence Of Gaming On Indian Pop Culture

By Loudest Team
January 12, 2024
JUNGLE’s s Latest Campaign “Jiggle Wiggle” Celebrates The Massive Influence Of Gaming On Indian Pop Culture

JUNGLE has unveiled their latest campaign – ‘The Jiggle Wiggle Campaign’ - for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), showcasing how the popular battle royale game has seamlessly integrated into Indian culture. Crafted around an enigmatic gamer “Babubhai” who captured the nation’s imagination with his signature move, the Jiggle Wiggle, this campaign is derived from conversations within the community itself, and shows the impact the BGMI community has on India’s cultural fabric. 

Gamers are the new innovators and early adopters, and the campaign pays tribute to that through a tongue-in-cheek look at the lifecycle of an online trend. Starting from the birth of the trend within the game, the campaign illustrates how the Jiggle Wiggle move, catalysed by social media and word-of-mouth, rapidly snowballs into a matter of national interest – uniting gamers, rappers, dancers, sportspeople, and marketers alike. The campaign compellingly conveys that BGMI is not just a game, it’s an emotion that unites India in all its diversity. People from all walks of life come together to make Jiggle Wiggle a trend, simply because they’re passionate about the game.

The campaign, conceptualised and produced by JUNGLE in association with KRAFTON India’s internal team uses a 360-degree approach that incorporates diverse elements, seamlessly integrating Jiggle Wiggle into various facets of the BGMI world, culminating in an actual in-game event spectacle. It has been rolled out in two distinct phases. 

Phase One – The Build Up

The first phase utilized an array of touchpoints, strategically teasing and engaging audiences long before the launch of the campaign film. The character of Babubhai was seeded seamlessly into everyday BGMI conversations inside the game as well as outside. Several videos, gifs, static posts, and teasers were released on social media alongside in-game integrations (read: billboards, music tracks and cryptic messages), further intensifying the curiosity surrounding mystery player Babubhai among the community. Over the past few days, Babubhai has been taking over major gamers in the country and India’s biggest game, thus leading to an intriguing build up to the film launch.  

Phase Two – The Jiggle Wiggle DVC

As anticipation piqued, JUNGLE released a 220 second DVC – an ode to India and the many Indias within, taking viewers on an electrifying journey through the interplay between BGMI and Indian pop culture. From urban streets to rural landscapes, this captivating film encapsulates the essence of BGMI's influence, spotlighting its role in shaping trends across the spectrum of Indian Pop Culture—be it Dance, Music, or Sports. MC Altaf and Karan Kanchan rendered music to the DVC, while ace choreographer Ruel Varindani, the choreography. With an extensive cast featuring popular gamers along with celebrities, dancers, and other prominent faces, “Jiggle Wiggle” unveils the captivating fusion of gaming and culture.

Speaking about the campaign, Srinjoy Das, Associate Director of Marketing, KRAFTON India, said "Because of its vast reach, one of the coolest things we have noticed about BGMI is how our fans form their own sub-cultures within the game, which go on to become memes and trends. The iconic "De Jiggle" move which was coined by a then small-time creator Raj who also features in the ad, went on to become a cult esports tactic, followed by a meme and then a nationwide sensation. This campaign is a small tribute to that while it also helps us test the warmth of this pop culture trend and we can’t wait to see how our fans react when they figure out this delightfully fictional take on the iconic Jiggle.”

Talking about the film, Gaurav Banerjee, Creative Head at JUNGLE said, “Storytelling is only powerful when it comes from within a community, and it was an incredible experience working with KRAFTON to craft this film. The sheer passion that exists within the gaming community, as well as KRAFTON’s involvement with the BGMI community to try and find ways to connect more deeply with them – all of this has led to a film which is both true to the game as well as the world of trends we currently live in. It was an absolutely amazing experience to craft this film with KRAFTON.”

The campaign film can be viewed here - 

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