Delhi to experience first ever Sneaker Culture Fest

By Gauren Bhardwaj
January 05, 2018
Delhi to experience first ever Sneaker Culture Fest

Home Grown Street 2018  - India's First Street and Sneaker Culture Festival

The subversive culture, the undertones of western hoots, the aftertaste of colonialism, the loose-ends of failed ventures have the society at a far-fetched distress. The cultures are so intermingled that appropriation only feels like an understatement. With the availability of the free and fast internet, the effects are far more intense. The effects can only be seen by the ones pacing the social media or a few bystanders. Every century has had an article of clothing or a style that differentiated and made a statement of its own. This is the 21st century, we are almost looking at self-driven cars, vegan meat, crypto-currencies and ‘Sneakers’. However, the last one on the list is the oldest to exist. Shoes, otherwise looked upon as a footwear to protect your feet from harsh terrains have been a statement of well-being for well more than decades. Shoes have a history to them, a legacy and fairy tales, too! [caption id="attachment_3670" align="alignleft" width="300"] Rahul Chhabria & Arman Menzies Photographed by Aneev Kombrabail for Homegrown[/caption] This one is no different! The Jordan’s, the Yeezy’s, the Fenty’s, the Buscemi’s and so much more are caressing the earth more than ever. There seems to be a competition amongst the sneakers to look the finest on feet while being a glider for the owners. When did shoes take over? Why sneakers and not any other shoes? There can be a lot of questions thrown up, but guess they are here and make you look like a millionaire even if you aren’t one (Let’s hope, someday!). There may be various reasons as to why the sneakers have taken over and how they appeal to a person. They can be inspiring, can ignite hopes or just make you feel fly but more so, they look nice and don’t make walking feel like an exercise. Probably this is the most logical reason we find when we try and think of one. This is not a wave made to ride for a while and settle but this is a culture, a new tribe – made of soles and souls. The love for this culture can be overwhelming for some but for artists and likes, this is the way of life, this is utopia, for once. [caption id="attachment_3667" align="alignright" width="300"] Ardy Ghosh, Air Max Day 2017, photographed by Vibhor Yadav for Nike India and Homegrown[/caption] The stories behind and about the culture are even more intense when compared to merely sneakers. The culture is not a mere evolvement of Hip-Hop or any sub-genre. It is a beautiful amalgam, bound together by struggle, sweat, and spirits. The culture is made out of a piece of everyone’s mind, body, and soul. All thanks to all-indie HomeGrown, the souls may now have a real-world place meet, vibe and experience the best of what they see online. HG Street 2018 – India’s First Sneaker and Street Culture Festival is an initiative from the youth media company.  For those how do not know HomeGrown, here some juice for you:
Homegrown is a youth media company powered by an online publication, a creative agency, an events arm and a talent management vertical.
This agency has been closely looking at the cultures and actively writing about the same. The sneaker fest is one of the first events of its kind. We are happy that it is finally becoming a reality what felt like a foreign trend, almost yesterday. The fest is a 2-day event and will witness the best of Indian street culture, the collectives fueling the movement. The event also includes pop up parties by some of the best local & global music labels. Over the two days of, you can almost immerse in the very colors that your style statement is made of. The schedule seems tight and quite involving, here’s what to expect for the least: - India Street Culture & Hip Hop Showcase - HG Sneaker Lab - Brand Labs - Panels & Talks - Music Stages - Pop-Ups & Exhibitions - Photo Exhibitions | Film Screenings - Secret Parties - Street Fashion Shows - Skateboarding & BMX

Venue: TBA but in New Delhi, India

Days: March 17, 2018 - March 18, 2018

Learn more here:

HomeGrown: Website HG Street 2018: Event Page

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