Sunidhi Chauhan's Latest Release: 'Tum Kehte Ho' Celebrates Self-Empowerment

By Loudest Team
September 14, 2023
Sunidhi Chauhan's Latest Release: 'Tum Kehte Ho' Celebrates Self-Empowerment

Grit, strength and spirit - if there’s an Indian voice that melodiously reflects these words, it has to be Sunidhi Chauhan!  The sensational singer has garnered a diverse and mammoth fan base across the globe, and her latest single is the perfect celebration of her vocal talents.

Tum Kehte Ho’ is a song that depicts a universal 21st century dilemma that justifies ambition (external)  while nullifying peace (internal) ! Dropping the pursuit for excellence fills us with immense guilt. Whether it’s students, athletes, singers, dancers, actors, and or the average corporate employee, no matter who we are, there is always a stressful stream of pressure and expectations thrust upon us to PERFORM. Sunidhi’s latest track is a cry to let go, and an appeal for individuals to always believe in their true self.

Composed by Saleel Kulkarni and penned by Sunayana Kachroo, the song boasts of honest lyrics and heartfelt music that seamlessly complement Sunidhi’s vivid voice.

Talking about the latest addition to her incredible discography, Sunidhi Chauhan said, “Tum Kehte Ho is not just a song, it is an endeavor to uplift all those souls that have been trapped in the prison of societal pressure to perform. With this track, the idea is to elicit a newfound sense of positivity in those people who have been riddled by negative thoughts. I hope from “Tum Kehte Ho” you all will find strength to achieve what you wish for.  

Sharing her thoughts on the song, lyricist Sunayana Kachroo said, “Tum Kehte Ho was initially born as a poem in my mind. I wanted to depict how many of us juggle the between our personal truths and the burden of expectations from society; a reminder to never lose the sight of their core essence. 'Tum Kehte Ho' highlights the trials, tribulations and the isolation that creative process entails while emphasizing the need for self preservation. Sunidhi has beautifully enhanced  my words and ideas by lending her magical voice to the song beautifully composed by Saleel. I really hope this track, in its own small way, helps in changing society’s outlook and free people from the pressure to perform better”.

Speaking on the journey behind the music, composer Saleel Kulkarni said, “Composing this tune was a challenging but creatively rewarding process. Tum Kehte Ho had to be complemented with music that is a true reflection of the deep emotions explored in the song. Sunidhi’s mesmerising voice seamlessly blends with the music and lyrics to weave a very powerful impact. This track will leave a lasting effect on listeners”.

Tum Kehte Ho’s official music video is a great companion piece to the song. Directed by Jomin Varghese, the video is a sublime blend of striking visuals and surreal imagery. Every detail in the storyboard was carefully balanced with Sunidhi Chauhan’s ideology behind the song. Whether it's her dancing or the most challenging act, the under - water sequence, she performed it all with all her heart and grace.

In an illustrious career that spans more than two decades, Sunidhi has not just managed to keep evolving as an artiste, but also churn out songs that have a mass universal appeal. ‘Tum Kehte Ho’ is one such track that will resonate with us all - every person who stands to face the hurdles of society in this lifetime. 

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