Global Radio Chart-Topper Vineet Launches The World’s First Music-Multiverse Project Run! Run! Run! Storm!

Global Radio Chart-Topper Vineet Launches The World’s First Music-Multiverse Project Run! Run! Run! Storm!

After his world-record breaking feat of 9 number 1s in a single year in 2021 on radio charts globally, and winning awards for his unique album + book – ‘Nine’ in 2022, Hukmani is back with a ‘disruption in immersive-ness’ with his new ‘multiversal’ offering RUN! RUN! RUN-STORM!

The multiversal project consists of a brand-new song called RUN! RUN! RUN! which is being released in immersive stereo and cinematic Dolby ATMOS. The multi-dimensional release is further powered by a short music film and the launch of an original superhero comic book series. The project has been fully conceptualised and directed by the multi-faceted artist himself.

The music film is where the multiversal nature of the project takes shape. It is the origin story of how Vineet the singer transforms into a superhero – ‘RUN STORM’. The treatment begins with Vineet driving down to his favourite writing spot in a Mercedes Maybach. Real life unexpectedly changes into multiversal 3D animation, as RUN STORM sprints across treacherous planetary terrains looking for something. “Does he find it?! Was the whole thing just a dream?...” as Vineet sits immersed in the music, in his car  – that’s where the short film leaves you.

Stream the music film here:

His original song RUN! RUN! RUN!, which the short-film is soundtracked to, is hard-thumping electro-pop with a full-bodied sports anthem feel. The lyrics & vocals are designed to be fuel for ‘HOPE ENERGY’, egging you on, should you ever feel dejected or lose focus of your goal! 

Stream the audio here:

The most intriguing part of this multiverse trilogy is the pilot episode of his comic book series titled RUN STORM & THE HOPE STAR. This globally published comic book covers how Vineet transforms into RUN STORM, what his mission is  and the dangerous adversary DEJECTRA that he must face to bring the ‘HOPE STAR’ back to earth! The story in the comic book has an essential good vs evil plot and ends with hints for the next galactic adventure, leaving room for Vineet to go wherever his music and stories want to take him in the future. The comic book connects to the song RUN! RUN! RUN! and to the short music film seamlessly through a QR code. 

This triad of creativity of film, song and comic book together helps music listeners, the visually inclined and readers discover this new realm of music multiverse by this ‘disruptor extraordinaire’.

Vineet says, “It is important for new age singer-songwriters to be able to imagine a multiverse where their music creates not only a larger creative canvas of differentiated expression but also extended opportunities to make money, as the unidimensional approach of music is highly commodified and has almost every artist heading for undistinguishable parity. I feel very fortunate that I was able to create something different thanks to the multidimensional treatment of sound in Dolby Atmos, for the song, 3D animation in the short film and a story in the comic book that can open many doors for the future. I would like to invite other singer-songwriters across the world to join our music multiverse and perhaps together we can create compelling storytelling experiences with our music and artist persona.”

Adds the multi-grammy submitted artist, “I’m grateful to the team at Dolby India for introducing me to the immersive-ness of Dolby Atmos and to Mercedes India, for providing me with the very impressive Mercedes Maybach S580 for the short film. It is amazing that such renowned global brands support independent artists such as myself and that they have encouraged me to think big on the music canvas. I really couldn’t have asked for more.”

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