Fantico Introduces Collectibles From Renowned Musicians

By Loudest Team
February 03, 2022
Fantico Introduces Collectibles From Renowned Musicians

Ventures into the world of music with Pratichee Mohapatra and Alisha Chinai.

Fantico, a digital licensed collectibles platform, focusses on curating assets in the fields of cinema, sports, art, music and other valuable collectibles. The platform has now introduced digital collectibles of renowned musicians such as Pratichee Mohapatra and Alisha Chinai.

Music is more of an emotion. It’s a feeling that gets you in the grove as soon as you hit play. Be it any mood or blues it drives everything away and lifts your spirits. Even when you are watching a movie or a series, it seems incomplete without songs which fit situations and background scores which make the experience even more intense. Without music there would be a complete void within us. This is the magic that musicians have brought to our world. And now, there is a chance to connect with these musicians directly and to own a precious piece of their art through digital collectibles.

 Abhayanand Singh, Group CEO and Co-Founder of Vistas Media Capital said “Fantico provides a platform to own rare artifacts and collectibles for music fanatics. Musicians are essential to the world of Bollywood and hence we introduced this curated selection to open a universe for fans.”

These collectibles are not only digital but are also backed by original physical assets as showcased on the platform. Below are the details of the items:

  1. FOOT FETISH BY PRATICHEE MOHAPATRA:"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art" - Leonardo Da Vinci. This series is Pratichee’s expression coming to life in primary colours using an ink pen and acrylic paints. The art doesn't aim to represent the outward appearance as much as what it signifies inwards and has given Pratichee positive energy and calmed her down.After winning India’s first-ever reality show “Popstars”- a nationwide talent hunt, Pratichee Mohapatra became part of the immensely successful pop band “VIVA”. A lesser-known fact about her is that writing and painting are some of her hidden talents and one can see her work on her personal social media page. Pratichee believes creativity cannot be limited to one art form and wants to expand and express herself in different mediums.
  2. GAIA; MOTHER AND CHILD; YELLOW DREAM BY SUCHITRA KRISHNAMOORTHI:Suchitra Krishnamoorthi is a noted Indian actress, writer, painter and singer having trained in India, London and New York. She has exhibited her paintings in galleries across India and around the globe.Falling in the boundaries of representative arts and abstraction, Suchitra's art is an expression of her feelings reflecting faith, love, fervour, devotion, zeal, rebirth, eroticism, freedom, flora, and fauna.
  3. ALISHA CHINAI CROWN HAT " LOVER GIRL 1995 " EDITION:Nothing is impossible for the powerful, confident, headstrong, independent new-age woman. When you take pride in yourself, let your apparel say it too. A red, embroidered crown hat, adorned by Alisha Chinai in her hit single Lover Girl, says “Bold and Beautiful” in caps. With the exclusive 1995 single, Alisha opened Western pop culture to South Asians winning accolades from music lovers. Alisha Chinai is also an icon of elegant, contemporary fashion.
  4. ALISHA CHINAI GOLDEN CORSET "SHUT UP & KISS ME" EDITION:A woman dressed to kill is a woman who achieves. Dressing style speaks volumes. Alisha Chinai, a Western Pop music sensation, symbolizes bold, sharp, oomph-oozing dressing style. The articulately designed, striking, cheeky golden corset, adorned by the Goddess of Pop Music in her single “Shut Up and Kiss Me”, was a trailblazer of the fashion world. It takes a strong woman to carry a corset so exquisite.
  5. ALISHA CHINAI CRYSTAL JACKET " SHUT UP & KISS ME" EDITION:Perky, mesmerizing, path-breaking fashion choices of the iconic western pop music artist, Alisha Chinai, shook the fashion world. Taking over the music world in the 1990s, she donned elegant to chic apparels. Designed by industry’s best, the crystal decorated, bold, black jacket was fashioned by Alisha in the chart-busting single “Shut up & Kiss me”.
NFTs are permanent digital certificates of ownership that are secured and encrypted using blockchain-enabled technology. This allows buyers of such digital collectibles to have permanent ownership of such assets which are enabled and secured on a blockchain. Through Fantico, NFT buyers can purchase Indian cinema-focused exclusive digital collectibles either through a sale or an auction.

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