Tanzeel Khan gets candid about his new track ‘Pasbaan’

By Ojasvi Kapoor
September 13, 2022
Tanzeel Khan gets candid about his new track ‘Pasbaan’

Tanzeel Khan is a rising Gen-Z star who is taking the internet by storm with his music and content.

He is a social media celebrity who has around 871K followers on Instagram alone. With massive independent releases like “Befikar, Dilli Ki Ladki”, which has more than 14 Million views on his Youtube channel, he is also known for songs like “MAULA YA SALLI” and “INAAYAT”.

Recently he released his first-ever special seven-track debut album ‘Dastaan’ which is a story of a journey full of emotions from happiness to sadness to pain and love.Now he is back and has collaborated with Pakistani rapper Hashim Nawaz for his latest original track called ‘Pasbaan’.

In a freewheeling chat with Tanzeel Khan spoke about his new album and more.


Q1.Tell us about your new track Pasbaan, what inspired it?

Pasbaan is a very special song and I cannot wait for my audience to listen to it. This song was created long ago but it was in my song bank for a long time as it felt incomplete and it gave me a feeling it required that extra element. And just at the right time, my brother and renowned rapper from across the border Hashim Nawaz came to the rescue and added his verse to this song. 

It’s the backbone of a ‘Dastaan’ and this is exactly how I had imagined it, even though it couldn’t be launched along with the album”.

Q2.Why did you choose this name?

Pasbaan’s literal meaning is-gatekeeper, which metaphorically means a ‘protector’.

Since this was originally a part of my debut album Dastaan, so what better name than a meaningful one, and the one which rhymes and fits well with Dastaan.

Q3.Tell us more about your collaboration with Pakistani rapper Hashim Nawaz?

I made Paasban with the intention of it matching with the first song of the album ‘yeh dil’ and tried giving it a similar melancholic vibe. Since ‘Pasbaan’ was supposed to be the last song and ‘yeh dil’ being the first song, it created a sense of closure to the complete album. But I somewhere felt the song is not that great for the album. So I decided not to add it in the tracklist, cause Pasbaan felt incomplete but later decided to release it after finding the missing puzzle.

I decided to add an artist to the song so it gets another flavour and the audience gets to experience something else. So I asked Hashim to hop on the track and he nailed it by completing the missing puzzle

I have listened to Hashim alot and have been a fan of the whole Urdu/desi hip-hop scene. He is a super sweet and talented human being. Being my first international collaboration it did not feel like one because he was super sweet!

Q4.What advice do you have for youngsters like you entering this field now?

Do what your heart tells you to do, do what you love and do it consistently.Never compare yourself with others, this is not a race, it’s a marathon

Q5.Tell us about your upcoming projects?

I guess I am done with sad songs, I am not really sad, I just imagine being sad and write accordingly. I think it's time to write and make songs about feelings that I am currently in.

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