Soliloquy Brings Komorebi's Brand New Sound

Soliloquy Brings Komorebi's Brand New Sound
Komorebi,  the interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees. Tarana Marwah, the beautiful voice, and mind behind the incredible sounds of Delhi based two-piece band, Komorebi. Komorebi falls under the categories of electronica, trip-hop, E-pop and alternative music. The new album differs from the first EP in the light of its singer-songwriter nature. 'Soliloquy' is the latest album launched by the band.
The first EP was released by the band 2 years ago, and the duo is back with their latest album full of fresh sound, flavors and a vibe that will keep you hooked and play it on repeat. The single "TIME" has been topping the Apple Music charts ever since it got released across all genres. 

Listen To This Mindblowing Track By Komorebi! The artwork and visuals speak a lot, keep you hooked and engaged.

This is "TIME" from the Album Soliloguy 

The Journey has been a wild one! if ever i've learnt the meaning of a learning curve, its now. Things are looking good from here but there's a long way to go, said Tarana Marwah in an exclusive interview with Loudest
Komorebi decided to take the album out on tour before they released it. They received an overall phenomenal response and featured some great musicians including Mohini Dey, bassist for two tracks, the legendary guitarist, Warren Mendonsa from Blackstratblues, as well as Nicholson.
I believe the album was released a mere 2 days before our first show in Bangalore, the humming Tree. The response so far has been phenomenal and I really feel grateful to all of the people who have listened to, appreciated and bought my music.  
Loudest had the chance to have a fun conversation with Komorebi, we'll take you through narratives from her on the sound, collaborations, art, fashion, visuals, collaborations, tours and whats next!
Loudest:  The record is very interesting sonically, and whilst it still maintains the core sound, there seems to be a lot of thought out experimentation. What influenced you this time around when it came to the composition aspect of it?
Tarana: I think what ties everything together is the vocals. Its the only constant in this album of variables. I'm not sure I can put a finger on what influenced my composition process, apart from the fact that it was very cathartic and sort of a burst of information I felt compelled to share with the world. Like - here, I have this to say. This too. And this. Many influences shaped the release, I think I'm very inspired by Grimes from Canada. And Lady Gaga. They like to create an enigma on stage that completely separates them from their offstage personality. I'm a shy person. But on stage, I sometimes feel like I'm possessed by a much louder, honest version of myself. 
Loudest: Taking that a step further, what influenced the visual representation of this record? Was it something you had in mind beforehand or was it something that develops as the music was written and recorded? 
Tarana: I have been into music for many years... but dappling in different forms of art seemed fun and challenging. I have always been fascinated by vivid colors - animation, fashion, art, whatever form it takes. (Komorebi's previous work includes a black light/neon photoshoot and a small score done for a NID student's animated video.) What i wanted to do was direct a bigger project, involving others - and so i curated a team of special people who were enthusiastic about art; about creating something from scratch. Candyland is an expression of emotion - an escape from reality. We'd like to create this environment digitally and on stage, through our varied forms of expression.
On Fashion
[caption id="attachment_2057" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo credit - Rafique Sayed[/caption]
Komorebi had the pleasure of working with Pakhi Sen for clothes and album artwork. Pakhi and Tarana had various meetings where they explored their favorite influences from Japanese and Korean fashion. They sat and explored styles from Brands like KYE, Rocketxlunch and famous faces like Biblee from Korea. Tarana brought in her own favorites like Iceland's Bjork and Grimes from Canada. After some trips to Nehru Place, and a back and forth in the PEOPLE TREE studio - Pakhi designed 10 outfits that Tarana is set to showcase during her India Tour, as well as in the photo shoot scheduled by Rafique Sayed (Bombay). Rafique has the eye of a genius and managed to capture the tiniest detail. 
[caption id="attachment_2058" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo credit - Rafique Sayed[/caption]
I feel lucky I got to shoot at his studio with his fantastic team in Mumbai. said Tarana for the shoot experience with Rafique.
On Art
The actual depiction of Candyland can be seen in the 8 pieces of art drawn by Pakhi. Influences can be directly drawn from Carroll's Wonderland or Dini's Arkham Asylum. Komorebi has always been drawn to the magical and terrifying elements of surrealist art - one of the pictures corresponding to the song 'Time' is inspired by Dali's Persistence of Memory. The lyrics inspire often times inspire healing and discomfort at the same time. This is a common dichotomy throughout the album and the art.

Animation and Visuals


The team includes Siddhant Aggarwal for animation on 'Time' (set to release this September) Siddhartha Iyer for art. Komorebi's second collaboration is with animator Sharath Ravishankar for the song 'Candyland'. Both videos depict what Pakhi has meticulously shown through the art - One can relate with the protagonist seen trying to fight off her demons in this mystical realm. Tarana had Nikunj Patel (Moebius) join the team, who has slowly but steadily gained a name for his unique treatment of the musical stage. He recreated Candyland via visuals and projection mapping for their live performance.
Loudest: You brought in drummer extraordinaire Suyash Gabriel into the band after the first EP, how has that changed the dynamic of the project?
Suyash Gabriel is one stop shop for talent and positivity. He really grounds me and helps me take my set to another level, live. I have tremendous respect for him and what he brings to my project. 
Loudest: You have some wonderful collaborations on this record with people namely Mohini Dey, Sohrab Nicholson and Warren Mendonsa. How was this whole experience? 
I feel very privileged that I got to collaborate with the artists mentioned. Each of them has such tremendous soul in their art, whether its Nicholson's angelic vocals, warrens child-like brilliance in his contributions as a slide guitarist, or mohini's slamming bass lines. They are all wonderful people and honest to their talents. 
Soliloguy recently reached the top iTunes charts and Komorebi is set to play the Red Bull Tour Bus along with some amazing musicians including Amit Trivedi, Prateek Kuhad, When Chai Met Toast and SkyHarbour! Komorebi is lined up at the first edition of Wonderflip Festival in Udaipur, Echoes of Earth in Bangalore, as well as a very special set in Delhi involving a choir and some phenomenal instrumentalists from the Russian Philharmonic. 2017 is all about Soliloquy. We are looking forward to many new collaborations, music videos, and interesting upcoming releases with Keshav Dhar and Gaurav Raina, to name a few in the New Year!

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