Rock age entertainment presents International Hip-Hop Artist ‘Russ' -Bhavya Shah

By Ojasvi Kapoor
October 28, 2022
Rock age entertainment presents International Hip-Hop Artist ‘Russ' -Bhavya Shah

Rock age Entertainment was founded by Bhavya Shah,Sohail Chowdhary,and Aman Vijay in 2015.It is one of the few independent Indian Music companies that closely works with independent artists.

Specialising in hospitality conultancy,Event management and Artist Management,The company has handcrafted and consulted on a pallet of audio-visual experience with a community first approach.They have worked with multiple artists like Sidu Moosewala,Jass Manak,Jay Sean,Claptone,KING etc.

In a freewheeling chat with loudest Bhavya Shah Talks about the upcoming events.

Q1.How did you manage to pull off such a massive event for an international artist, Russ?

The initial conversations began with a dear friend and colleague Manav Dhumal, founder of Avrik Live with whom we partnered up to execute the entire deal. Russ and his team were keen on bringing ‘The Journey Is Everything’ to the Indian subcontinent independently so after multiple conversations and feasibility checks we knew we were up for the task. 

On a personal level, Russ has been one of my favourite Independent Acts in the hip-hop scene worldwide so there was a lot of motivation and enthusiasm to bring this home through Rock Age.

Q2.What were the obstacles you faced to enable this concert keeping the pandemic in mind?

It's safe to say that the pandemic is well behind us and credit to the government to ensure live experiences and shows of this scale can happen hassle-free. So from a safety perspective, we are all good to go and no such obstacles were faced. However, we recommend the attendees to keep their vaccination certificates handy.

Q3.As 50 per cent of tickets for the concert were sold at the announcement of the concert, what are you expecting from it on the ground?

We did receive an overwhelming response as soon as we went live with the announcement, with a mammoth venue like Jio World Garden we are able to maximise the footfall to a whooping 6,000+ attendees.

Q4.Your clothing line Odd Not Even is the official merchandise partner for Russ’ India concert. Tell us a bit about how that came to be.

Odd Not Even is the coalescence of art and fashion which I started with my partner, Stuti Sharma who is the artist behind the brand. With urban, streetwear and music ingrained in its DNA, this was a no-brainer. After conversations with Russ’ team to find a merch partner we knew that it had to be. After winning their vote of confidence we officially announced Odd Not Even as the merch partner for the tour. If you are at the show make sure you immerse yourself in the experience that we have to offer and get a taste of what the label is.

Q5.Any other international artists' concerts/events that you plan to accelerate in the next few months?

I wish I was in the position to announce but I guess the wait will be worth it for everyone. In the next few months, we will witness some never-seen-before acts from various genres (Electronic, Hip Hop, Techno) touring the country. 

Q6.Besides Russ, which are the other few artists’ concerts or such big-scale events has Rock Age hosted?

Every show we do no matter the scale is a matter of honour and privilege for us because our ultimate goal is to deliver a unique experience. We recently did The Divine Show which was produced and executed in association with Gully Gang & Capital World Media. We also had the opportunity to bring the Late Siddhu Moosewala, a pioneer in hip-hop to the shores of our city.

Apart from this Rock Age has more or less been a key stakeholder in the biggest independently produced shows in Mumbai, we have seen immense success with acts like Stephan Bodzin, and Claptone to name a couple.

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